Step by step instructions to keep your social media accounts from oversharing

Your social media accounts enable you to impart your day by day life to companions. However, the portable applications can go more remote than that, naturally alarming everybody when you wind up noticeably accessible on the web, read a message, or even visit a close-by area.

On the off chance that you don’t need your closest and dearest to recognize what you’re up to each moment of consistently, when in doubt, have a go at posting less much of the time. Your photographs, registration, and content updates can pass on more data than you plan. Past that, here’s the way to change certain key settings on your applications to leave a smaller digital footprint.

Disable activity status in social media accounts

In Whats App for Android, head to the main app menu by tapping the three dots on the top right, then choose Settings.

As on Whats App, this hides your own activity but also prevents you from seeing when anyone else was last active.

Hit the People icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap Active, and turn the slider next to your own name to off.

Turn off read receipts 

To preserve even more of your privacy, first turn off read receipts, those notifications that let your friends know when youve read their messages.

In Whats App for Android, for example, you can head to the main app menu then choose Settings, then Privacy, and untick the Read receipts box.

Twitter also lets you disable read receipts in your direct messages, so contacts wont know whether youve read their notes yet.

Tap your avatar icon on the top left, pick Settings and privacy, go to Privacy and safety, and untick the Show read receipts button.

Stay off the map in social media accounts

Then hit the cog icon on the top right, pick See my location, and make sure Ghost Mode is switched on.

On Android, your next step is to pick Account Settings; on iOS, choose Settings, followed by Account Settings.

Either way, follow up by tapping Location, selecting Nearby Friends, and setting the main toggle switch to off.

social media accounts
social media accounts

Limit the audience

In addition to that method, Facebook lets you limit the audience for your updates on a post-by-post basis.

Whenever youre composing an update, tap the audience selector button just under your name it will probably say Friends, but it might have another label, depending on the default audience for your posts.

On Twitter, you can switch to a protected account by tapping your avatar on the top left, then choosing Settings and privacy, Privacy and Safety, and Protect your Tweets.


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