social media addiction

social media addiction

Although society is becoming more knowledgeable, social media addiction Become more prevalent.

Definition of addiction

Psychiatry didn’t recognize it as an addiction, it is a bad habit, and there are many damages for it.
Addiction is a behaviour you can’t control.
When you use the social media, You feel compulsive behaviour .
This is very difficult to know If the person is addicted or not.
At Harvard University researchesabout what happens in people’s brains when they talk about themselves.
In the social media sites, you talk about yourself all the time.
Because social media makes them happy.
Doctors have observed similar symptomsas depression and anxiety and other.
Similar to social media addiction.
Research said that A lot of use of the Internet kills diseases and disorders.
Social medial eads to the type of disorders
For example, if you publish something that waits for people to react to it.

Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

There are clear signs that you own the social media disorder.
1-. Social media is the first every day
Every addict first what he does at the beginning of his day or the end of his day is watching social media.
2-Procrastination and postponement
If you spend a lot of time on the social media, and you will postpone your work.
This time you lost doesn’t add value to your life or benefit.
3-you open the internet in everywhere
you are following the new in everywhere.
and Don’t take a holiday from your mobile because it is your happiness source.
4-Permanent follow-up
When you hold the mobile looking for all the new in it through notifications.
Sometimes it shows them fake notices of interest and also emptiness.
5-you only need to contact via social media
You don’t want the real communication between your family and friends.
6-The feeling of tension to disrupt the internet
The main problem is not the Internet. The problem with your feeling of despair and discomfort just because you didn’t communicate on social media.
7-photosare everywhere
Basis of some sites are the photos
The introduction of social media on the visual sense to attract its followers.
8-social media becomes the life
every minute you want to check the social media.
Social media became Not part of your life, but it’s your life.

Causing of social media addiction

Above all the increase in anything whether positive or negative is not a good thing
Negative impact of excessive use the social media.
Because of the dopamine ratio that rises with the use of social media
Over time it will become a habit that is hard to dispense with using the internet.

Treatment of social media addiction

1-Select a specific time to see the social media.
2-delete some app
3-Work and don’t waste time on things you’ll regret
4-Reward yourself whenever you can reduce time on social media
5-Sometimes it’s possible to separate the Internet from you.
6-Leave the mobile if you want to sleep
finally, social media is a good way to learn and connecting with people but you have to use with your life .
Your life is more important than social media.

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