Social media and depression


Social media have a lot of benefits and effects

When you use social media an extra way, it will affect your brain health and caused depression .

Also, the most thing you use on the Internet is the social media.

You talk with friends on WhatsApp and put a photo an Instagram.

There is a noticeable lack of impact on social media.

Such as behaviour and relationships and others.

Depression and anxiety is caused by social media.


Social media and depression


Causing of depression.

Social media Make people more depressed and alone.

The study was published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

What we found overall is that if you use less social media, you are actually less depressed and less

Social media and depression.

A lot of teenagers and young people are browsing social media more than real communication.

Experts see that the rise in depression due to social media leads to a sense of emotional separation.

Alexandra Hamlet, said about effecting the social media  “The more superficial it is, the less
likely it’s going to cause you to feel connected, which is something we all

There are some teenagers who are not successful in communicating, in their schools or with their family.

Social media is causing all this separation.

Social media and perceived isolation.


Definition of fomo


It is Fear of lack or loss of communication in the real and social world.

Also, the more we use social media, the less we fear.

We use Interactions on social media which make us slip and falsify the real interaction.


Social media and self-esteem.


When teenagers use social media that will lead them to comparisons between them and others

Then it helps them to reduce their self-esteem from the lack of followers or their comments

This fake performance is filled with a lot of social media, which actually reduces the confidence of the
true self.

And also the kids spend a longtime on social media to spread what they think.

And they think the world is perfect, and sometimes they are worried that they are not enough in beauty and


Less healthy activity


When you have a great time on social media, which reduces your activities.

Children feel dissatisfied fort him selves, because of lack of achievement.


Weak focusing.


Social media disruption of homework and teenagers make them unable to accomplish tasks


Sleep deprivation and depression


Social media reduces sleep and leads to sleeping methods.

This is due to the lack of focus except in social media, what has been published and what has been done

The mind becomes busy, not comfortable.

Finally, , this is the important result for depression.


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