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Social media apps in 2020 you must to know it

Social media apps help users to connect and share with people who have similar interests and backgrounds

Social media apps  have  become our world, so we have to know every news without stopping

Now we will talk about social media apps  in 2020

Social media apps in 2020


1-Social’s growth continues


in our analysis, we tend to found that social media usage

can still grow. one million new folks joined social networks

every single day in 2017. And nearly 1 / 4 of a billion new

users came on-line for the primary time in 2017. This

growth can continue—and we’ll see attention-grabbing

uses of social media come back from Africa that presently

has the quickest growth rates, with the number of web

users across the continent increasing by quite twenty % year-over-year.

Social media apps

By 2020, we’ll see the enlarged dominance of Instagram,

particularly among older demographics. “Instagram users are a great deal additional older than folks typically

imagine,” says Simon Kemp. “There are additional forty-five to fifty-four year-olds exploitation Instagram than

there are thirteen to seventeen-year-olds.” As our corporate

executive Ryan Holmes predicts, Instagram can quickly evolve over the future few years and become the new home for brands.


You can take a more in-depth explore this knowledge in

our world report (in partnership with we tend to a Social and Simon Kemp).


2-Product discovery becomes more visual

Almost half of the internet users follow brands they like or brands they are thinking of buying something from social media apps

Search engines, online reviews and PR are the traditional discovery channels but by  2020, you will watch dramatic growth in five areas:


-Social for product research

Social media apps in 2020

In a study of 178.421 global internet users aged 16-64, Globalwebindex found that 28 per cent of users

Switch to social networks during their online product research

Also, a number that we have seen jump every year

You will watch search’s grip further on product research and social influence grow especially among mobile-first consumers and emerging markets


-Visual searches

A founder of Pinterest said a lot of the future of search is going to be about pictures instead of keywords

Social media apps in 2020

-Voice control


According to explain in a recent podcast  for emerging markets

Voice will support to make searching easier

and Voice technology helps users who lower levels of reading literacy, making it a key technology for the next billion consumers

-Messaging apps


Facebook predicts that by 2020, 80 per cent of android smartphone users are projected to be using a mobile messaging app

Also, customer service is one of the most obvious use cases but many local businesses are using messaging apps as their primary customer communication hub



Chatbots will offer consumers transition to social commerce, making it easy and seamless to find out products, ask questions, process digital payments and see automatic updates on your order’s delivery date

By 2020 the novelty of chatbots will be removed but for purchases like choosing android smartphones package or planning a vacation











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