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Social media apps list part one

Social media apps are considered one of the most visited websites on the Internet
Also, social media are friendship and relationship thrive and grow serious without seeing people in the flesh
If we tend to case a look at realistic numbers unconcealed by Statista, nearly a pair of billion users relied on social networking apps in 2015.

Mobile devices have greatly contributed to the current growth. With this trend in mind, we’ve got compiled a listing of fifteen best social media apps that supply associate exciting social media expertise to users. examine the complete list here

Social media apps

1- Facebook

From its days of origin, the Facebook account has come back a protracted thanks to creating people’s life rather more attention-grabbing and exciting. With Facebook being your virtual social pal, you’ll transfer photos, share your views and hilarious stories, comment and even chat together with your friends. you’ll create your own page and make fans right there on this platform.

You can additionally treat it as first-source content discovery medium for daily reads by the change of integrity the pages of illustrious influencers. it’s the simplest platform to form sure highlights of your personal life legendary to folks that follow you. It additionally offers an excellent disapproval medium wherever folks interact and connect deeply with others

Social media apps


1-allocate your newsfeed
2-limit people from seeing posts
3-share pictures, videos, watch live videos, message, call, etc
4-find local or social events
5-play games with friends
6-facebook offers to be a marketplace


WhatsApp, when earning a large success worldwide, was nonheritable by the fantastic Facebook in 2014, nevertheless it still manages to exist as AN freelance instant chat and message sharing mobile app. tho’ it had been launched within the digital world quite later than Facebook.

Whatsapp account has implausibly captured the interests of scores of folks particularly because of the actual fact that by then there was no chat app that directly connected with a native contact list of user’s device.

The app is in a position to permit you to speak and share instantly with people and teams. WhatsApp remains evolving, adding way more advanced options currently


1-you can send a message, call, videos, documents and voice messages
2-group chats
3-share your location and exchange contacts
4-set custom wallpapers and notification sounds etc
5-there are also expressive stickers


Instagram was thought to have unique leverage due to its ability to allow users to share photos and videos
Also, users enjoyed the idea of the capturing and sharing on the app the best and most important moments of their life
You can even share them on another popular media like facebook and twitter and use it as your investable marketing apps

Social media apps


1-you can share pictures and videos
2-surf feeds posted by other users
3-go live in public or with your follower’s group
4-message privately
5-users can edit pictures, tag location with this app
6-you can also hashtag


Twitter has also pioneered the way the message is
delivered on social media apps and rename it as a tweet, a short text message including no more than max 140 characters
at twitter, businesses and marketers can work their cluster and promote their services for heightened customer engagement using key terms in the form of hashtags
also, the app ables you to shop directly via tweets without visiting the store

Social media apps


1-view live streaming videos
2-see all sides of story happening in any part of the world
3-you can like pictures, videos and GIFs
4-establish a group conversations
5-get suggestions on influential people




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