Social media for kids

Social media for kids

Technology has a huge impact for all inspects of people.
Children affected and easily from any system happens to them.
All the parents have to rethink the social media sites.
And how their children should be used to be beneficial to them without significant loss.

Benefit of social media for kids

1-If they are balanced with other activities will make the most of them.
2-Social media develops intelligence both in digital games and some motion-based games such as Nintendo switch games and Xbox.
3-He can play with his friends and start some relationships on the social media.
But There are some risks of using social media and the parents should focus on the flaws of the media and better prevent them.

What parents should do for kids about social media?

1-Support for children in subscription or access
When children are aged they can use social media
Parents have to delay the time so as not to become addicted to their children
2- Develop genuine personal relationships between parents and children so that children are obeyed in the future.
3-Parents know any personal account for children until they are entered at any time to avoid the mistakes of children.
4-Do family accounts to be safer for children and the best satisfaction for parents.
5-Using social media on large screens to avoid any risk that may occur.
Children are susceptible to deception or vulnerability, we should not leave them
6-Your focus on your child how much time he spends on social media, and what he sees in important details.
7-Make sure that kids spend enough time with friends face to face.
People are social, they don’t need screens more than real humans.
8-Also spend time with them so you know what they think what they like what they prefer instead of screens.
9-Healthy forms of recreation should help children play and benefit together
The children are brought up by innovative and important activities that bring them happiness.
10-Social media have a very negative impact on the educational attainment of your children.
So you should follow them in the study
eventhat they succeed and Excel instead of using social media.
There are many things children should learn and understand.

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