Social media Influencer

Social media influencer

The percentage of social media users increases each year.
The proportion of media users is 40% of the world’s population
People make their decisions according to what goes on in the social media.
Above all, Influencers in social media, They are distinguished they made the followers of social media
because A lot of what they care about their opinions, and what they offer.
Even their regular subjects become a big celebrity because of the confidence they build.
. So brands are also interested in advertising their products to their channels that they reach the consumer easily.

Types of Influencers

industry  leaders
As we mentioned in the article what is the social media,
Marketing on social Media have become numbered 1 in the world.
Celebrities in the social media have the biggest impact of branding, selling products, and knowing what’s new.
also, the media speak more and the Greater impact.
Bloggers and writers they have a reputation for the big impact on the social media.
They also have a strong interaction with customers.

1- Celebrities

When celebrities promote well-known products or not.
it Happen it’s increasing the sales percentage of the brand.

it is better to use celebrities in the right way to make an announcement related to what they do in the media
whether singer, journalist, or footballer, so it produces more credibility.

2-industry leaders

Which come with a strong influence from the leaders of thought and industry.
The reputation of where they work and the great services they offer, not their qualifications or expertise.
Such as journalists,academics and industries experts.
If a reporter writes about you or marketing in some way and has a positive effect, he’ll have a strong impact on you in the social media.


they have a strong impact.
There are many blogs on the Internet that have great fame.
Such as health, economy,finance and others topics.
If I write about you, it will affect your product.
The blog features that you share your name and link to you when you advertise any product
We advise you to use blogs
finally, We advise you to do it with the influencers in the social media for marketing.

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