Social media sites list you need to know

Social media sites list are famous in all over the world
Also social media sites do not need more information in order to use
Peekerscitech talked about social media sites list 2019
Also social media plan
Now you have to read this topic to help you inside social networking 


It is one of biggest social media sites
Also it helps you to communicate with friends through voice calls, video calls
And you can connect in group conference calls
Skype is free and covered in the world


It has more than thirty languages
Also it can use text messaging and voice messaging
You share the photos and videos through viber
It has an ability to call without viber through a feature called viber out


You can share images, videos and text messages
And give you to do make voice and video calls
Users are 215 million


Snapchat is one of social media sites list
You use for sending images
Also you can discover news and knowing live stories
This platform is funny and excitement


This platform depends on video chats
It was made in china
You can see more than 100000 members doing an activity
Also it helps users to gain virtual currency


You can find new ideas through this social media site
Also you can choose DIY tasks or home improvement projects
Also you can plan your travel agenda


You can find a job through linkedin
Linked in is available for twenty languages
It is used all types of professionals around the world
Also is it a perfect site to communicate with companies
It includes 400 million members


It includes eight languages and similar to whatsapp
Also it has a big privacy and security
It allows you for send encrypted messages
number of users are 100 million


This platform can submit content and later vote for the content
Also the voting leads the content moves up or down
It organizes depending on the interests


It is a social media platform
Depend on local search and discovery
You can find the ideal places with friends
It allows to know best food outlets and night entertainment places


It is the biggest social media site in china
The youth can use this platform
Also you can share thoughts and post easily





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