social media became The fast and short way to reach anyone in the world
everyone is looking for a way to connect
so you should use the social media.
There are new relationships begin and close on the social media sites.
Statistics say the proportion of Internet users are 2,000,000,000
And in the previous articles we got to know “what is the social media “and social media influencer.
We will talk about social media sites.

Social media sites


1- Facebook 

above all, It’s the largest social networking site in the world.
It’s a way to communicate with friends.
also opening a door to work and sell for larger products.
There’s a lot of hacking happening on Facebook.
 In some of our articles on how to protect your phone from hackers.


it has reached a very high percentage since its inception in 2014
It’s about how you can talk to all overs the world.
With a chat. It is a powerful and fast invention.


IT created in the first place in China

  QQ  Can be used by written texts, videos or voice calls

it is used by 80 countries in the world


It’s a little blog where you can write your thoughts.
It is free and useful in the knowledge and usefulness of all those who follow it.


it depends on exchanging photos and videos, and helps you take pictures in the best way.
Instagram influence for followers Dramatically.


this is a social media sites to post text message.
With the growing online shopping and promoting your business.


You could communicate with people through Google firstly,
you will send texts messages , photos and videos easily.
also, promoting your brand and gaining


you can be connected with your friend or the world.
China has developed and become a competitor to WhatsApp In the number of users .


it is another social media sites,also you can share text, photos and blogs on it.
and listen to song and maintain dairies.

10-snap chat

you can connect with your friend and family and using pictures.

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