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Easy Way to add text to your next social media Video Online

Video Online..Do you know that posting videos on Facebook with a caption boosts its view time by about 12%? And 80% of viewers will watch your video to the end of its caption? That’s not all. Viewing of captioned videos has gone up by 40%.

Today, videos with text captions are spreading like wildfire as they enhance viewer engagement. If you want to capture your audience’s attention, add the most attractive captions to your videos. A video with captions or text works better on many social media apps. Additionally, your videos will be more accessible to a broader audience with text or captions.

If you have created videos that are not performing well, perhaps you haven’t added any text to them. You can consider the steps below. You will learn an easy way to caption your videos or add texts to engage your viewers and promote content retention.

Steps on How to Add Text to Video Online

social media Video Online

Login to your video editor

Adding text to your videos has become easier than ever. All you need is to get the right online video editor. You can never go wrong with the InVideo editing tool. But remember, before you begin captioning or adding your text to a video, you will have to register and then log in to your video editor. Once you have logged in, check the Blank Canvas option and click on it. That allows you to pick the aspect ratio of your video. When done, locate the Make a Video option and click on it. From there, you will be ready to start working on your video.

After the above step, you will land on your InVideo editor screen. While on the editor’s screen, find the Upload tab and click that button. Can’t locate it? Check the left-hand side panel of your editor screen. When you press on the Upload option, you will import the video you want to add text to your video editor.

At this point, you’re on the right track on how to add text to video online. Your next step is to drag and drop the video you have imported into your workspace. The workspace is located in the centre of your editor’s screen.

Once you drop your video on the workspace, you will get a pop-up notification that asks you to trim your video. You can then drag the video editor bar to the start of the video towards your right-hand side. That helps cut your video in case you have to do it. A precision trimmer is also available for you to use.

When done trimming your video to the expected standards, click the Done option. You may also click the Use Full Video option if you aren’t interested in cutting your video.

Adding Text to a Video Online

As you work on your video content marketing strategy, you need to pay attention to capturing text in your videos. After you have uploaded your video to the editor, select the text icon on your editor’s screen and click on it. You will find that option on the menu on the left-hand side of the editor’s panel screen. After clicking on it, you will find several text options. You may then scroll down and examine the options provided. If you like the options, you can pick any by clicking on them.

After clicking on your preferred text, a textbox will appear on your video with placeholder text. At that point, you may want to edit the text. Just click on the placeholder text and select it. From there, you can begin typing your text to replace whatever you want there. When you’re through, you can drop your text box and position it in any location you want on your video.

Is it clear how you can add text to your video and adjust its placement? The video editor also provides options in the panel which you can choose to edit the alignment of your text. It’s also possible to change the size and font of your video text. If you can find the editing ribbon, you can click Next Layer on the editor’s layers’ menu. Just check on the right-hand side of your editor’s screen to locate the menu.

Editing Your Video Text

social media Video Online

Have you mastered how to add text to your video? You need to edit your text and make it more attractive. Remember, adding text to your video captures your viewers’ attention. But your text needs to be of high quality to be effective. That’s why you should change the fonts and colour of the video text.

When you want to change the font of the added video text, click on the font icon. You can locate it in the ribbon just above your video on the editor’s screen. Once you click it, you will find a list of fonts on your left-hand side of the editor’s screen. You can then choose the font that suits your video text by clicking on it. After that, the text you seek to adjust will reflect your new font. And when seeking to change fonts of your video text through the entire video, click the ALL TEXT option just above the fonts menu. That helps you to adjust your text fonts with a single click.

Do you want to add any cool animation to your video text? That’s also possible with the InVideo editor tool. Ensure to click on the animate button located on the panel above your video editor. From there, you can select your best choice to add to your text.

 And that’s all You need to know about how to add text to videos. When you’re through with all the editing work, you can click the Download and Share option located on the right-hand side corner of your editor screen. You may choose the resolution you prefer to download your video in. When done, click the Export button. After downloading, you can save your video with text on your device and have it ready for posting on any of your social media apps.


When creating videos, adding text will help improve engagement. Your viewers can easily recall your video content if it has text in it. Every video has vital sections you would want your audience to remember.

The best way to make that possible is to highlight those critical sections by adding text to them in your video. Many of your viewers will also consume your videos without sound. Adding text to your video helps your audience understand your video. 

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