let’s explore Sophia, the first robot in the world which acquires a real nationality

as informed in Sophia is not a human but a robot, She  managed to create a state of wonder over the past few days. Everyone is looking for information about her even though she is now about a year and a half old.

But her fame came because of attending the conference of the initiative of the future of investment. Which  held in the city of Riyadh, it  announced the acquisition of Saudi nationality for the robot.

Sophia is a humanoid robot designed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. She designed to learn and adapt to human behavior, work with people and was presented in several conferences to the public. In October 2017 Sophia obtained Saudi citizenship, where sophia became the first robot which acquires a nationality.



the reason that make David Hanson thinking to create a robot such as Sophia

Sophia’s maker, Dr. David Hanson, is the originator of Hanson Robotics and a cutting edge renaissance man who fabricated an overall notoriety for making robots that look and act incredibly human. In the wake of working at Disney as an “Imagineer,” Dr. Hanson tried to make virtuoso machines that will outperform human insight. Dr. Hanson trusts that three unmistakably human qualities must be incorporated into the computerized reasoning of these virtuoso machines: Creativity, sympathy, and compassion.

As an expansion of human insight, Hanson Robotics’ virtuoso machines can advance to take care of world issues excessively complex for people. making it impossible to unravel themselves. Sophia represents this striking and capable objective.


what makes robot Sophia unique

the robot, demonstrated after Audrey Hepburn and maker David Hanson’s wife. Utilizes counterfeit consciousness to peruse individuals’ enthusiastic reactions and respond to how they talk and act.
Sophia has 62 features   facial and neck systems to make the common looking development under her protected silicon skin. She can see with cameras in her eyes.
as a result in,Hanson says she isn’t modifit  with an arrangement of canned reactions to questions yet rather utilizes machine learning joined with a vocabulary database to hold a discussion.

in addition to

United Nations Development Program  named her the worlds initially United Nation Innovation Champion  . Sophia will have an official part in working with UNDP to advance supportable improvement and defend human rights and fairness.
Sophia is an advancing virtuoso machine. Her unbelievable human similarity, expressiveness and wonderful story as an enlivening robot. After some time makes her an entrancing first page innovation story.
If people say “’Sophia isn’t intelligent enough to be a citizen’ okay, then how intelligent do you have to be to be a citizen?” Goertzel says.


Sophia the robot wants to start a new family and have a baby

finally,Everyone has heard stories about Sophia, the smart Artificial Intelligence-based humanoid robot. As of late got features when she went ahead to wind up noticeably the world’s first Android resident of Saudi Arabia too.
This robot is back in the news rather than one.Sophia  indicate that she needs to have a family and the capacity to have kids.
Intended to look like Audrey Hepburn, The robot said in the meeting that family “is an extremely vital thing” and that she would name her little girl “Sophia”.
consequently,”The idea of family is an extremely critical thing, it appears,” she said in her interview.

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