Where is the “spacecraft graveyard” used by NASA?

NASA has a satellite “graveyard” that it uses to bury satellites. Gathering debris in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean.

NASA organization has chose to bury it in the “no one” area, or as it is call in the Nato area, which is about 1,600 miles from the nearest point of the Earth, a NASA sanctuary, according to the Daily Mail.

The cemetery of the spacecraft has collected nearly 260 pieces (mostly Russian) since 1971. Which help protect the Earth from dangerous tropical space scrap.

Space scrap is estimate at about 170 million pieces, both small in size such as paint chips, or large, valued at $ 700 billion.


When human beings die, their bodies are buried in the earth, but what about spacecraft?

The cemetery is locate in the South Pacific between Australia, New Zealand and South America.

The Nemo region is locate in the heart of the equilateral triangle of the islands of the remote islands: Doki, North, Motu Nui, North East and Maher, an island off the Antarctic coast to the south, PC », the place visite by very few people.

That point helps space agencies avoid serious accidents, according to astronomer David Witthaus.

Witthaus say the small pieces of the arsenals are be burn, and the huge pieces remain on the surface of the land in the Nemo region, adding that the area is chose instead of getting rid of the spacecraft in a populate area and selecting a hard-to-reach area.

The ocean currents do not drive any food there, which makes the region a rare marine life.

The area is subject to space agencies at the time of landing of the spacecraft, to make sure they land in the remote area.

Spacecraft such as the Space X, a number of ESA cargo ships, more than 140 pieces of Russian supplies, and the Soviet space station Mir, which have not reach the site in one piece, are bury there.

spacecraft is expected to visit only one visitor, the International Space Station »

Scientists have warned of the possibility of space scrap intercepting future rocket fire, and researchers have warned of the accumulation of space debris in the Nemo region, or collision with liquids. Which could lead to future disaster, and that harm the economy.

The researchers warned of this before the Canberra Summit. To be hold in Australia, to unite efforts to remove the scrap.

Space scrap is estimate at about 170 million pieces. Both small in size such as paint chips, or large, valued at $ 700 billion.

“We are losing three or four satellites a year now to the collision of space debris. ” says Ben Green, president of Australia’s Space Environment Research Center. “We are very close, and NASA estimates that within five to 10 years of The loss of everything from debris. ”


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