Leaked full specifications for LG Watch Timepiece

The LG Watch Timepiece will not be the first time to combine digital design with analog functions, preceded by MyKronoz ZeTime.

LG Electronics is poised to launch a new smart watch called LG Watch Timepiece, the first wearable LG Wear Wear device, after Google has changed the Android Wear brand. The South Korean capital, plans to launch a special edition of the watch on behalf of LG Watch Timepiece Plus.

LG Watch Timepiece designed to bridge the gap between LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Timepiece is aiming to provide a product that bridges the gap between its LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport models. Although the latter is still the most attractive to consumers looking primarily for more than one hour fitness tracker Traditional.

According to the information, the LG Watch Timepiece is a hybrid product combining the operating system and contemporary applications with mechanical clock technology, and thus seeks to meet the needs of different customers who are looking for the best in the digital and analog world alike, which is one of the aspects that Will use by the South Korean giant to market the watch when it launched.


LG Watch Timepiece boasts a body made of stainless steel

The LG Watch Timepiece boasts a stainless steel body coupled with IP68 water resistance, while the analog watch provides accurate time tracking and long battery life. The best and most obvious benefit of going on the analog watch circuit is battery life , So that the watch can withstand up to 100 days on a single charge while operating in the Watch Mode, which completely disable OS Wear OS

Once the battery capacity reaches 240 mA, the clock is able to track time for nearly 100 hours, almost four days, and is compatible with iOS and Android Android systems, and you should get regular updates from the update center The new company.


The specifications that characterize LG Watch Timepiece

As for the specifications, the clock includes a 1.2 “LCD screen with a 360 x 360 pixel resolution and a 300-inch resolution. In addition to operat by the OS OS, the screen is capable of displaying all the clock faces you can install from the Google Play Store, The analog clock itself can transmit additional information as well, thus able to work as a compass or as a measure of atmospheric pressure or altimeter for height, timer or stopwatch.

For the other specifications, it includes 4 GB of internal eMMC storage space and 768 MB of LPDDR3 RAM. With a Qualcomm 1.1GHz quad-core Snapdragon 2100 processor. And no cellular communication capabilities will be available. Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth.


Unsupported technologies such as NFC near-term communication and GPS positioning are not expected

Although the nine-axis motion sensor will present, it doesn’t expect to support technologies such as NFC and GPS. Which means that if you want an in-depth fitness tracking or offline payment through Google Pay. You will have to bring your phone.

The LG Watch Timepiece comes in 45.5 x 45.4 x 12.9 mm. Making it an average size between the LG Watch Style and the LG Watch Sport . With a 22mm thick rubber strap that users can use with any other set of identical size.



It is scheduled to announce soon, and to reach the markets by the month of June, with the availability of two options. The new Black Aurora Black and Silver Cloud Silver, and the details of pricing is not know. But since most of the specifications will be similar to or specifications of the hour LG Watch Style. The addition of a mechanical system and an additional random access memory of 50 percent will not increase the price of the clock very much.

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