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Top 9 Future technology in the World

future technology

we will speak here about most important Future technology and how it effect in our life and if it useful or harmful for us Technology experts predict that the next few years will witness a greater development in technology through the invention of new tools and inventions that increase the entertainment, …

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is known as the CIA’s main intelligence gathering agency in the US federal government. The agency is based in Langley, Virginia, Virginia along the Potomac River. Its employees work in embassies in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Being the only independent US …

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What is social intelligence and its difference from intelligence

social intelligence

Social intelligence describes the exclusive human ability to navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and different environments effectively. The psychiatrist and professor at the London School of Economics, Nicholas Humphrey, believes that social intelligence, or the fertility of our own lives, is what makes people more important than our quantitative …

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