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How does social media affect your mental health?

social media affect your mental health

Social media affect your mental health every day if you use it Prince harry offers the warning that social media is dangerous to young people and kids Some studies between social media and android smartphones There are many negative effects such as depression,anxiety and eating issues In this article we …

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How to add song lyrics to Instagram?

Song lyrics to Instagram

Song lyrics to Instagram you  will now be added it This update will help users to show song lyrics Peekerscitech talked about social media site and any update in it Song lyrics to Instagram   Instagram will allow you to edit the type of text and animations added to it …

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How to discover your secret instagram (ad interests )?

Ad interests

  Ad interests is a list to deliver sponsored posts In this topic we will discuss how Instagram determines your best  interests  and how to make sure that the ads are relevant Peekerscitech discuss more topics about social media Ad interests Social media sites have became very important for marketing …

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social media

  social media became The fast and short way to reach anyone in the world everyone is looking for a way to connect so you should use the social media. There are new relationships begin and close on the social media sites. Statistics say the proportion of Internet users are …

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