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Neighborhood Watch Facebook Group Aim to Keep Burglars Away –

as declared in They started the Bonny Homes Neighborhood Watch group to protect their home and their neighbors’ homes.
They say social media is more effective than a more traditional neighborhood watch in getting messages out.
In 2014, Jeff and Julie Coley have lived in the Boony Homes neighborhood for 33 years.
Jeff Coley said he’s tried to get a more traditional neighborhood watch program started but “only seven or eight people showed up” compared to the around 200 people in the area.
He said on the Facebook page, each post reaches over 100 people.

Nude-Photo Scandal May Expand Beyond ‘Marines United’ Facebook Group : The Two-Way : NPR


as informed in But he adds that more nude photos soon appeared on the Marines United page.”
When asked what he has to say to female Marines, Neller said, “I’m going to ask them to trust us, and I understand why that might be a reach for them right now.”
Directing his remarks at any Marines watching him today who are involved in sharing the photos and images, Neller told them they’re not helping the service.
Providing an update of the situation in a Pentagon briefing Friday, Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said, “There’s been nobody charged so far.”
Neller did not dismiss reports that other sites have been used to share the photos, saying, “My sense is, there’s probably others out there.

as informed in But the Marine United group remained active.

Going against the crowd is not popular in the corps, Albert said, likening it to a football team or fraternity.
“Until you get that majority of the Marine Corps, of the lower ranks to care and actually do something, it’s not going to happen.”
In September 2016, Marine veteran John Albert was added to Marines United, a closed Facebook group of thousands of veterans and active-duty Marines, by a friend.
“It dishonors everything we did.”But this year Marines United was back and drawing the attention of another Marine veteran.

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