The 10 most powerful information about the Digital Libra currency that Facebook intends to launch

Libra Digital Currency is the currency that Facebook wants to launch
Facebook is known to be the most powerful social media  site
Yesterday, a non-profit organization called Libra was announced
Also peekerscitech talked about blockchain technology and information security basics

Libra Digital Currency

1- it Participated by 27 institutions around the world

2. We will talk about the top 10 information on this currency

3.also  The currency will be launched in Libra in the year 2020

4. The Libra digital currency shared by 27 institutions and joint institutions

PayPal, Vodafone, Master card, Uber and SpotPay

5 -also  Facebook began work on the launch since 2018

6. The digital currency will depend on the technique of plaque

7-Libra digital currency will be covered financially

8 – And  Facebook will not have additional advantages for the rest of the members of the Foundation

9. The relevant platform will carry many electronic portfolios for companies

10.finally  Facebook also founded a subsidiary company called Clibra

and the company’s leader is David Marcus
Clibra is similar to payment providers and any information shared by

the user will be separate from the information that shared on Facebook


Libra Digital Currency

firstly The beginning of the service will be a money transfer and then be developed into a business
Libra Digital Currency

A new currency called Libra announced from the social networking site Facebook
27 institutions around the world  involved in digital currency
They launched a subsidiary called cilbra and this company is building services for users

and You send the digital currency to Libra and start spending with an electronic wallet
it Will be available on Whatsapp and Messenger
also It then allows it to be a stand-alone application on smartphones
Libra is a diversified group of companies around the world

 Mark  Zuckerberg 

above all Zuckerberg announced during his own page on Facebook
then The objective of the Libra currency is to create a simple global financial infrastructure
and Millions of people around the world can pay and use the currency
also Their goal is to launch the new currency in 2020

also The founder of Facebook also announced that the way of paying by telephone will be positive for people’s lives
and You will go anywhere without carrying money or extra charges for transfers
At present there are one billion people who do not have a bank account but have a smart phone
also He added that among their goals was to send and receive money entirely

Such as applications in sharing messages and images
and Initially the subsidiary company Clibra will send the money and then will allow other services through the commercial sector and the business sector

finally Facebook aims to increase membership of enterprises to 100 members by 2020




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