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best invention for 2019
best invention for 2019

The Best invention for 2019

the best invention for 2019:

13  of the best inventions for 2019 

1-Smart Buckle

It is stainless and algorithms For accurate measurement
smart buckle will help you tokeep an old watch and use it.
You can accompany it with any watch strap

2-Snore circle

second of the  best invention for 2019.
This application will make you reduce snoring
it is a tool that uses a bit of sound with bone bonding to reach the brain.
You can use the snore circle to become your calm sleeping.

3-Nano1-world’s smallest astronomy camera

third of  the best invention for 2019
Connecting with your smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
The best invention for the one who likes to take stars in camera.
The smallest astronomy camera is in the world.

4-SiB-the simple internet -connected button

fourth of the best invention for 2019
it is a small sized cube with a button to do related programming with smartphones.
This device is checking the temperature and monitoring the health of plants.
There are a plenty of light to identify signal internet

5-solar roadways

fifth of the best invention for 2019 
You use it to pave roads and side walks
also You will find programming inside the solar panels to see the tags.
And Generates heat to melt the snow to take into account the ease of walking and driving.

6-Dolfi-nest Gen washing device.

sixth of the best invention for 2019
Technology has reached our clothes
You can dispense with any way to remove dirt . So, you use Dolfi.
It works by Ultrasonic
do not forget to get  it.

7-Bimoz-world’s lightest and smartest bike drive

seventh of the best invention for 2019
bimoz is the best choice to turn bike to e-bike.
We are now in the era of smart and electronic bike.
The battery enough for 250w and reduce bike size
you can see the ways,GPS and connect with your friends.
also,jumping on the mountain for an exercise.


eight of the best invention for 2019
Safety bag ensures andthere are a number of rear cameras with GPS.
An important and unique anti-theft element and the one who opens the bag without your knowledge.


nine of the best invention for 2019
One of the most important and dangerous inventions is the invention of how to imagine closing the door to ensure safety. 
The United States is the origin of this device and there are 6 ways to open the door by fingerprints or by the phone and other.

10-Cleanse BotOne of the distinctive inventions

ten of the best invention for 2019
A lot of illnesses come from the unclean bed as E.coli bacteria.
Bot works on Air sterilization and weighing less than half a pound, so you can take it everywhere.

11-Nybble (Robot)

This invention on the shape of a cat sitting orstanding and moving and walking with the parties help children to assemble and programs
You can do some tricks when you use it with others.

12-Naga 3D headphones

this is a wonderful headphone because you charged with a solar power.
It keeps you with her in a relaxed state of separation from the world.
3d Audio will entertain you.

13-Atomic PI

IT in an Intel ATOM CPU features as HDMI and USB 3.0 ports.
10 cm x 13 cm logic board with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
If you have a small computer,you will encourage to buy it.


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