The impact of technology on our lives

Humans by nature love to participate with each other.
The impact of technology made to share more and more information about us.
for the smartphones or social media sites  became the source of information too.
The technology works on Mind Dispersion.
When you have a (smartphones),you will focus on the notifications all the time.
The brain is the main reason to Attach the devices.
The composition of the youth brain is not enough until after the age of 20.
Brain chemistry is a very important factor in the impact of technology on our lives.
%67 of youth watch the smartphone Every quarter of an hour.
some youth feel Vibration syndrome.

The impact of technology on our lives

Causes of Vibration syndrome :

1- you depend on smartphones in All aspects of your life.
Such as calling or message and other.
2- our body became bound to smartphones.
British medical journal published research in 2010 about vibration syndrome.

The research said that The psychological factor is main impact of technology on our lives.
Can technology turn into addiction.
The release of dopamine in the brain makes you happy and delicious.
Then, Anything fun to eat or play. Provides a brain-dopamine.
So. Uses of technology to supply dopamine in the brain.
Brain learns any behaviours that provide dopamine in the brain.
And he’s pushing you to do it again.

Robert sapolsky said that Dopamine pushes beyond pleasure.
It pushes to get the pleasure not the pleasure itself.
It’s about the actions you do to get pleasure.
There is no comparison between the dopamine Caused by technology and drugs.
Behavioural addiction to technologyThat kills any challenge or effort.
And give them a dopamine.

Scrolling on Facebook or Instagram will increase the dopamine on their brain and give them the pleasure.
Because Your brain is connected to new and there is information you will find to cause happiness.

Adam alter said that Behavioural addiction to technology.

There are two reasons for Behavioural addiction to technology.

1-Because the technology is very complex
it is easy to send rewards to the brain then the Internet became the most appropriate way to transfer information.
2- Companies are becoming more professional.
The Experts make design to help the users to provide the dopamine more.

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