The possibility of self flying plane


self-flying plane like any mobile device.
It has a camera and sensors and the ability to get to know the faces.
3 gram of Explosives is enough to destroy the brain and the skull.
It’s trained to work as a team

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Self flying plane

it Penetrates the buildings and cars, and it can chase people.
It can overcome any obstacles and be hard to stop.
25 million dollars paid in the self-flying, it is very huge.
You can kill your entire enemy without any risk.
Just by fixing his features, and then firing the plane.

the history of self-flying plane

A whole army can kill a city without any human intervention
in 2012, professor rafaielo de Andrea invented sky net
he and some other professors.
It uses three Mechanisms to make a common factor.
He threw a ball in the air, then move to pick it up.

1-On the one hand full control theory.
So he can determine the extent to which the ball will be thrown into the air
2-feedback in control.
3- How to move to catch the ball.

You have to note three points:
1-The machines are docked.
2-The power that is placed on them is greater than the power that individual machines can play.
3-You must be able to control the movement to throw the ball into the air.
The result that robots can connect with each other to do anything.

Small planes are not fiction, it uses in USA to poll and remote imaging.
Weighting is 18g and screen to show.
It Can be offered in the morning or evening.
The robot is a Real risk to use and employment.
because it Controls the function of the machine by a large proportion.
There are self-flying planes depends on Artificial intelligence.
also, there are Companies specializing in defence technology.
You can put the weapon without limits.

Tikad (the future soldier):

robots are replacing the fighters on the battlefield.
So, Civilian casualties will become a thing of the past.
And Reducing the loss of human lives.
Army of robots can be able to determine the goals with Extreme accuracy on the battlefield.
It Can carry a lot of weapons.
For Design the docking with the enemy and set the goals accurately.
And Installation and modification of weapons to set the goals accurately.

The robot bee:

robot bee
robot bee

the robot nee is a miniature robot that has long been able to fly.
But if the robot bee land in the water.
also, using a modified flapping technique.
The robot can also swim and aquatic capable insect-scale robot.




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