The pros and cons of social media

The pros and cons of social media

the pros and cons of social media developed The way we think and work.
We have to focus on knowing that there are many benefits and also damage.
This depends on whom we are talking to and how we use Facebook in the right way and all the social media .

1- Pros of Social media

1-You can communicate with people from all over the world.
also, you can move liked you live with them through social media.
This is a precious value for social media.
2- The connection comes easily
it is a system easy and instant
We don’t have to use landlines. We just have to use a computer or a phone to get to the social media
You can connect from your mobile on social media whether Facebook or Twitter or other social media.
3- Knowing the news on timing
We are by radio or television news comes to us in the time that the media prefer
But social Media come with exclusive news and you go to it.
If you want to know what world news you have to communicate and access social media sites.
4- Opportunity for business owners
They can sell their products easily and also communicate with customers.
5-Social media for fun
Both of us have his way of dealing with entertainment but social media is a perfect way to play and talk with friends and others.

2-Cons of social media

1-a lot of information comes in loud.
It’s not always that information come to its natural size and reality
And with a lot of information, everyone adds information without knowing the facts.
2-Minimizing privacy
With a lot of posting pictures and tweets on the social media.
This will lead to knowing everything about you without stopping
Your information is on the social media.
Both of us are struggling to be the best, especially on social networking sites
This competition lead to fatigue and sometimes depression for lack of access to sound results.
4-Prefer to interact on social media instead of actually interacting with friends.
5-The problem of postponing and stalling
A lot of focus in social media means postponing some tasks or meeting with a friend or focusing on life in generals.
6-Sleep disorder
The many notifications and the focus of the mobile or taking it with you during your sleep lead to a lot of sleep disorder.

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