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the most problem is privacy on the internet.
If you went searching on the internet as the smartphones, you will appear on the internet in your browsing the most of the smartphones and advertising about smartphone too.
And all things related to Android smartphones.
You feel like you’re a watcher all day in all your browsing and you do not have any choice.

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The secret of dark web site

DR\David chaum said, the connection has to be it encrypted and keeping on the privacy internet.
But the internet spreads easily and fast without privacy.
America invented encryption, but it has a problem with privacy
the identify sender is available.
They did research to hide who sends who and when to send
DR/David chaum said You can’t be anonymous by yourself.
But be anonymous amid a grouping of people.

Tor project

The summary that you are switching from one layer to another between a group of network contributors in the world.
Anyone watched it is impossible to know where you are headed?
Tour project starts to attract many of the institutions that defend privacy.
The more people who are servicing the program, the more unknown they are, so It’s hard to trace the messages.
That will raise the value of the project.
Paul syverson said, Imagine we want to make a system that people can connect to their business on the Internet.
Without tracking the direction of the connection

how to work?

If someone wants to enter the site without knowing who he is and where he comes from.
The program works some layers and hides the number device that knows the identified user.
It is a Layers Encryption.
A grouping of computers sent around the world.
Each computer is different from others and in different countries.
The last computer that decrypts the code but hides the identify user.
The idea of anonymity has created another world parallel to the known Internet.

Dark web:

any information is not available to Search Engines.
The Password-protected data outside searches engines such as indexes and libraries.
The dark web is % 96 of the internet.
Most of the dark web is hidden sites and Encrypted in the tor web.
The dark web is the source of crime and Criminals
such as Arms and explosives money-laundering, human smuggling and trafficking.
The USA closed the big store to sell the drugs, it called alpha bay on the dark web.
The dark web is the source to any illegal products.
The bitcoin is the first currency in dealing.



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