The use of modern technology in agriculture

modern technology in agriculture has a new development
and examples of  modern   technology supports productivity, cost and labor
information technology played an important role in the field of agriculture

modern technology in agriculture

 Firstly, information technology in agriculture

firstly, it means market prices, demand and seasonal changes
also information related to weather
and helping the work of farmer ,you have to develop a new application


Secondly, Nanotechnology

Nano is the latest of science world
Also using for a developed agricultural practice all over the world
also Nano makes the crops much healthier
The nanoparticles ransom pesticides and fertilizers into the field at appropriate times
Also reducing a stressful working

Thirdly, GPS technology in agriculture

GPS makes a part huge in effective farming
And two technologies use for two site specific farming and precision farming
We can use two technologies in Farm planning
Field mapping
Soil sampling
Tractor guidance
Crop scouting
The main goals of GPS in agricultural that allow the farmers keep on the work even a zero visibility
And sharing to bring an interruption less farming
Finally ,GPS have many feature but few numbers use it

Fourthly, Soil and water sensors

The inventions discover nitrogen level, moisture content and other necessary conditions of the crops
Therefore, the farmer will put a better plan of the reports from the sensors
The farmer can manage the available resources in the efficient way

 Fifthly, Minichromosomal technology

chromosomes are used for attracting customers and making production huge
chromosomes developed produces crops which are of a desired quality and Traits are induced
the production of crops will become a high quality

Sixthly, Agricultural robots

The tasks is in processing the seeds to planting
Also the best result will come because robot is very smart
And if you find a mistake , you will solve it easily

in the other hand ,modern technology is effected on human life

Finally, Irrigation systems- Centre pivot


Above all, irrigation is very important and careful because of influencing on the growing crops
The best irrigation depend on conserving the resource
And quality consider the most important criteria in choosing a better irrigation system


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