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Google’s AI subsidiary turns to blockchain technology to track UK health data

collected by :Raul Soly

as informed in Forays by Google subsidiary DeepMind Health into the UK’s medical institutions have been characterized by two major themes.
With the science going swimmingly, DeepMind Health is focusing more than ever on reassuring UK citizens that their medical records are in safe hands.
The Audit technology is not yet in place, but would keep a publicly accessible record of every time DeepMind accesses hospital data, using technology related to the blockchain.
Its latest plan is a public ledger that shows which bits of data it’s using; when; and for what purposes.
Speaking to The Guardian, Nicola Perrin of the Wellcome Trust said the technology should create a “robust audit trail” for public health data managed by DeepMind.

as declared in And Canada is well-positioned to be leader in blockchain development, argues a report released Friday that received funding from the federal government.
OTTAWA — The federal government has received a batch of recommendations on how to make Canada a global hub for an emerging digital platform known as “blockchain.”
Universities and colleges in Canada should be closely involved in blockchain development, just like efforts that have been made in other countries.
“Canada today has a head start and thus a rare opportunity to be that global hub or, at least, one of a handful of such hubs.”
“If we do this right, blockchain technology can usher in a halcyon age of prosperity for all, and Canada will lead the way,” reads the report, entitled “The Blockchain Corridor: Building an Innovation Economy in the 2nd Era of the Internet.”


How Canada can be a global leader in blockchain technology

as declared in The coming decade will see blockchain technology affecting the way we do business, govern, communicate, manage our affairs and build value.
But if we do this right, blockchain technology could deliver prosperity for all citizens, and Canada could lead the way.
Canada needs a Blockchain Research Institute, to unlock the potential of blockchain across industries and also within the functions of organizations.
A key handicap is the absence of a clearly defined strategy for governments and other stakeholders to exploit blockchain technology.
The Internet’s second blockchain era will produce even more upheaval than the Internet’s first information era.


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