Tokyo Olympics 2020 and village of robots

Tokyo Olympics 2020 will have a big influence on Japan and technology
It plays a massive role in how it copes with this and gains new visitors from all over the world

also, peekerscitech was talked about toyota robots in specific topics

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Sustainability and tech

Tokyo Olympics 2020 will perform the best technology

also. Japan are trying to make use of technology for becoming a sustainable country

Such as the medals for the games are made out of recycled metals
It will give the cost of these materials and the usage in existing tech, it seems like an obvious opportunity to recycle what they can out of old tech
Now the Tokyo initiative is unique in involving the public throughout the process
There are targets to power buses and even jets with algae
However, the Japanese government and researchers are searching to use the Olympics in 2020 to look forward the development of this technology

The algae biofuel could cut emissions by up to 70% in theory
These have been test flights with the fuel on Japanese airlines as far back as 2009
Then, the plan is to have the first commercial biofuel flights for Tokyo 2020


The different nationalities attending and the notoriety of japan
And having its signs mostly available only in Japanese
There is several real-time translation apps improvement on these meant they have developed significantly as Panasonic

Staying connected

In order to access those languages you have to connect the internet
They are working with intel and docomo amongst others to cover the city with a 5G network

These have various tests across all the companies involved and with the success of 5G at the recent pyeongchang winter Olympics in korea
Therefore, there are also a large proportion of operators rolling out 5G services by 2020


Tokyo Olympics 2020
Tokyo Olympics 2020

They did bring us pepper, while this is true in some instances
Your friendly neighbourhood robot
To the Olympics , Tokyo is coming together a whole village of robots
It based at the actual Olympic village, they will be there to support athletes and tourists

also, there are a wonderful events in Japanese history, it attracts the tourists

Japan tourism considers one of the amazing trip to see the world inside one country

The drones

When linked into this new 5G network, they will transmit footage of the games in 8k real time video

Two big Japanese companies have invested a lot in their R&D when it brings to the potential of drones
Broadcasting and VR chances therefore it will interesting to watch what docomo and NHK do in the next year
Drones will have the potential to add an extra layer of security observation to the large network of individuals on the ground

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