Top 10 Features of Android Q


Android Q Is the new launch that Google will offer this year
The launch time will be in august 2019
Android Q will give user the most privacy and location setting.
it  will use with a wave of foldable phones and preparing system for a smoother and faster

In this year Google  also  is launched a new platform stadia  games

and a step  to fix AMP’S  URL  Problem


Android Q

Features of android Q :


1- you will take control of your location data

they’d be able to access it even when that app wasn’t being used
Google is now working on adding and debugging it using a new option that helps you to know and assign site privileges when the app is in the foreground
And also the applications will still have the ability to access your site but after pressing the main page button

2-Dark mode

Google uses the dark mode for android Q
Unfortunately there is no simple key to shut down or run
Dark system works to provide your battery.
It can convert white backgrounds to black color
This battery saver works on other things like charging your phone
It is not necessary to run it at all times

3- The right setting

This system will automatically help you to put up a list of your applications by running this setting number
There is no longer a difficulty in the list of full settings required

4-Quickly see an estimate for remaining battery life

You will know the battery percentage For the amount of time remaining from the charging
This is subject to change quickly depending on how you use the phone

5-google’s Product Sans font is now everywhere

This font is default on standard pixel phones but it still work with android 9 pie.
Now it works in everywhere

6-More UX and theme customization

You will be able to change the accent color.
You will help across android and the default font

7-the notch is in screenshots

Google will give the user the ability to turn it off

8-A faster sharing sheet

Google offers a new chance to get rid of the lag that had begun to plague Android’s sharing menu

9-There’s an emergency button in the power menu

Google has put a new emergency in the power menu

10- Share Wi-Fi details from QR codes

It will give you for sharing a wifi network’s credential in the form of a QR code


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