Top 8 social media trends in 2019

Social media plan  are the most important means of marketing at the present time
Social media trends  in 2019  Differ from the previous year to the following year So you should know social media strategies
behavior and people are also evolving and responding and changing techniques on different platforms
We will talk about seven important trends that will be more important for marketers and brands for the year

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Social media trends in 2019 

1-live video

Direct video has achieved high results since 2017 but has become more widespread now
Trademarks are being used and preferred by blogs and written speech
Consumers also prefer it
Facebook takes the lead in live video
We recommend that you try live streaming and will help you bring in the largest number of people

2-love your audience

You must show care and love to your audience
The biggest focus you have is on how much the audience is reacting to what you publish
Social networking sites need you to be original, unique and new
You can respond to customer complaints and questions quickly.
“If you want to increase your reach, it’s an invaluable source for your audience,” Jones said
This year, social media will depend on interaction more than anything else

3-paid ads

It is not enough for your brand to place files and follow up daily on the site
You need a higher level of advertising, paid advertising
Facebook sets your budget on a weekly or daily basis
The brand can also manage its budget
You have to choose the right medium for you

4-social listening

Remember that anything you do on Facebook is registered
Do not be surprised if you find one of your conversations in an advertisement before you on social networking sites
This method helps to analyze the different audience
It is possible for companies and brands to benefit from listening
We will know what consumers need, what words they want, and the labels used

5-Augmented reality

Such as pokemon GO
Social media sites help to apply the enhanced reality
Snape Chat and Instagram
Facebook is also in the development of this application

6-Ephemeral content

This content is a short-lived thing that takes 24 hours and disappears
Users feel that they are authentic, different and new from any traditional content
And brands need to take advantage of it
You should also have the opportunity to post more than once
With a scheduling of publishing dates and content you feel you should see it before the end

7-linked in

Many business people and important brands watch videos on linked in
This year has appeared linked in influencers for building more audience
We recommend using this platform so you’ll add a lot of brands

8-Create Content

Using content for your audience of mobile users is a new social experience
Now all people are using android smartphones
It should target the most demanding audience of social networking platforms – young people with smartphones


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