Top 9 feature of Android Nougat or Android 7.0

Android Nougat or Android 7.0, is the latest and best versions of Google from the Android operating system, and is supposed to begin access to our phones during the fourth quarter of this year. But what are the features of Android Nougat?

The best 9 feature of Android Nougat

1-Floating windows

It is called Freeform, which allows you to move windows freely and similar to what is normal on desktop operating systems.

This feature will be especially for large-screen tablets, making Android one step closer to becoming a desktop-like system in terms of usage experience.

2-Android Instant Apps

This feature allows Android 7.0 users to experiment with applications through the Google Play Store without downloading,

so that they work on the phone as original applications installed with the same performance and format to display the main features of the user before the download and install the application.

This feature will be available on all Android smartphones, which have Android versions 4.1 and above, with the latest version of Google Play Services.



Daydream represents Google’s full entry into the virtual reality world and aims to provide support for this technology in most Android phones by offering a standard platform for building phones, apps and virtual reality games, plus their own glasses of course.

It also provides a special version of the Google Play virtual reality store and offers its applications.


The feature allows the user to split the screen into two sections in order to run a separate application in each section.

Developers can determine how their applications appear in multi-window mode to provide the best possible usage experience while using applications in this mode. The two applications can be viewed side by side horizontally,

or vertically on top of each other, and the user can drag the dividing line between them to enlarge an application and reduce the other

5-Data provision

A new service that saves data consumption while connected over the phone network via 3G or LTE. By enabling this feature,

the system will reduce the use of data through things such as reducing the accuracy of images or video

and developers can change the way their applications consume data automatically when activating this feature. The user can allow certain applications to consume data normally even while activating this feature.

6-save battery

Saving battery consumption is also one of Google’s priorities in Android Nougat features.

The company introduced in Android 6.0 Doze feature, which allows to provide the battery through the reduction of processor frequency

and network activity when entering the phone in idle, after the shutdown of the screen and the passage of time not to use the phone and not move it. On Android N, simply turning off the screen is enough to bring the phone into idle mode, which will save more battery consumption.

7- Direct Boot

One of the features of Android Nougat Direct Takeoff, the term launched by Google to accelerate the time to take off the phone by reducing the features of applications that run automatically when the phone,

which means that the phone will take off faster and will return the applications to function with full features after the end of the boot and access to main screen.

If applications require that they run during boot time, the developer can register them as applications that require work before the phone is finished.

8-Block numbers and control incoming calls

Block numbers
Block numbers and control incoming calls

True, there are many apps that allow things like blocking numbers and messages and controlling incoming calls. But Android Nougat offers this feature on a standard operating system level.

One of the benefits of this is that the blocked numbers will be saved, synchronized and automatically blocked when the user moves to a new phone.

All applications can now access the same list of blocked numbers. The number is automatically blocked on both incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.

The Android phone application also offers a number of options for handling incoming calls, including rejecting incoming calls from a certain number, not allowing the number to be recorded in the call log, or not showing the call alert when retrieved from a particular number or numbers.

9-Improved language support


Improved language support is one of the most prominent features of Android Nougat, where it allows the selection of several major languages of the phone within the settings and not only one language,

such as a special language for the interfaces and language of applications.

This means you can, for example, use the phone with English interfaces but use applications that have English

and Arabic interfaces with their Arabic interfaces.

Developers need to support this feature in their applications so that the user can use the application in the language of their choice, regardless of the language of the system interfaces.


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