Top casual games for android in 2019


Android games  have Became necessary to compete or relax and entertain them during your day
These games are designed for you on the move and at your own pace
Every year new games come up that need you to try switch games for 2019
The games on Google Play for Android are cheap and easy to buy.
Also there are an other types of android games is named strategy games
We will talk about best games for android

Android games 

1- Super Mario Run

This game is for all categories and is a casual, unique and free game
They are similar to Mario games but are not complete because they are available on Nintendo Switch Games
You have different worlds, levels and a major battle
You can play with one hand and that is the first and main design

2- The Battle of Polytopia

This game is strategic but informal
The game offers a new experience and you eliminate your enemies
You can discover new land and eliminate your enemies with colorful and amazing graphics

3- Reigns

This game is great. You play a role as king of your own kingdom, make decisions and control everything
The main goal is to live as long as possible
After your death comes a role behind you with a new beginning
This game has a lot of mystery and humor that you will

4- Fast like a Fox

Your main role is to search for stolen coins, emeralds and diamonds and also race with multiple worlds quickly
The design of the game is classic and the music is very attractive

5- Smash Hit

When you play here you should relax and enjoy
You are breaking the default glass and also you will encounter some obstacles in your way in the game levels
The big observation is that the music changes according to the stage in which it is located
And optional purchase that gives you the opportunity to save access points and new game modes

6- Blek

You Use your distinctive skills to draw a continuous line that brings together all the colored balls in a successful pattern
Then you can create a piece of doodles
This game is suitable for your playing and entertainment times

7- Piano Tiles 2

You use your fingertips to click on the black keys
The game is considered friendly for contests for bands
Purchases open new songs for you

8- Candy Crush Saga

You play and also match three of the same dessert on the game board.
You are creating, distributing or removing the jelly
The enemy is the jelly queen
You can play alone or with your friends

9- Angry Birds 2

This game of the famous smart phone games
The game started simple then evolved into a green pig fight
and addictioner with lots of occasional and complementary
This game has a lot of fun and addictive especially for kids
We recommend reading an article on children’s games

10- Dumb Ways to Die 2

This game is a series of miniature and perfect puzzles
You do not see the spear but catch it
You can play with your friends and see who can win and jump from the electric fence

11- New Words With Friends

This game is characterized by chatting with your friends and you follow with them and sometimes praise them to play seriously and wait for their response likewise


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