Twitter intends to remove location features from Tweets

Twitter intends to remove location features  because there are a little number of users
twitter is one of important social media sites
peekerscitech talked about social media plan in many topics,you must to read it

Twitter intends to remove location features

Also the company was added a new tweets via support account
also A large number of users do not refer to their geographic location accurately
Especially in tweets
So they will download the geo-related feature in order to simplify the Twitter experience
Although removed in the tweets will remain in the images
And Twitter users must disable the ability to share the site from the privacy and security list
alsoThis option will remain available in the images and camera within the Twitter app
It also gives you an opportunity to share your location with external apps

Technical failure affects Twitter

Reports said that twitter happened damaging in it
In the beginning of June month
and It is influenced of all users and present the compliant
Specially in text message service and there are a problem in main page
In addition it is impossible to run on android smartphones
The complaint came from brazil,USA and Japan


Twitter supports adding guests to live streaming

In the past month twitter added a new feature to live service
also The service is allowed to users invite three persons
Twitter reported that there are many ways to hold talks
It became possible for the listeners to hear the guests’ voices
and It is impossible Exit the broadcast at any time
This step supported the importance of direct broadcasting in social media




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