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Nintendo switch console
Nintendo switch console

Types of Nintendo Switch Consoles

types of Nintendo Switch Consoles

firstly, you can enjoy in your home with Nintendo Switch Consoles.
It works a TV from your home, then it transforms to smartphone,
secondly, now we are talking about 4 types of Nintendo Switch Consoles.

1-Nintendo Switch Consoles-Neon

the screen is 6.2-Inch
you can add a new level games by Vibration component of Joy-con.so, it ages for 3 years and over.
Battery life still works even 6 hours.
The battery is capable of charging.

2- Nintendo Switch Console, FIFA 19 & Case Bundle

You can not resist the game of FIFA 19
also, Switch and play system from anywhere and time with your friends.
There are ways to play whether at TV mode, Tabletap mode and handheld mode.
You will enjoy with local players, and global players too.
Types of matches is Europe league and super
It includes a Rechargeable battery.
The battery life reach to 2.5 hours and ages is 3 years and over.

3-Nintendo Switch Console & Lets Go Pikachu Bundle

when you get on strong Nintendo switch, you will take Joy-Con controllers such as Pikachu and Poke Ball Plus controller.
You can play with Pikachu because he becomes better with other trainers
it has for 7 ages and over
the battery is rechargeable.
Battery life reach to 6 hours.

4- Nintendo Switch Console Grey w/ Donkey Kong & Accessory Pack

Whatever life is full of events, you can play with Nintendo switch system.
You Enjoy anytime and anywhere and there are three ways to play.
 Sharing  with your friends by taking two of Joy-Con so, it will work two individual controllers.
you will jump and run in groovy surfing.
Battery life reach to 2.5 hours.
The battery is rechargeable.
It had for 3 ages and over.


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