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Types of social media apps

One of the very interesting things in our current times is social media apps
Social media has become the main of our days
Also peekerscitech was talked about social media plan and social networking 
Social media apps are friendship and relationship and improve without seeing people in reality

Social media apps


It is one of the biggest social media platforms
You can upload photos, share your views and humorous stories
Also comment and chat with your friends
And you can create fans in facebook
It also offers a great branding medium where people engage and connect deeply
It features customize your news feed
And sharing photos, videos and watch live videos and message
Also play best games for free


It is a famous social media apps
It was acquired by the glorious facebook in 2014
You can chat and send a message whether voice or texts
Communication within this platform is fast and entertaining
It features users can enjoy group chats
Also you can share your location and exchange contacts
There are many collection of expressive stickers


Instagram is used by youth and consider a unique leverage
You can post them on other popular media like facebook and twitter
It features sharing photos and videos
Also go live in public or with your followers group
And users can also edit images and tag location with this app


It is one of important news sites
The post in twitter is called tweet containing no more than max 140 characters
The tweets consists of post expressions, news, updates or share contents with the world
It is possible to market your brand at twitter, businesses and marketers can promote their services for heightened customer engagement
It features create a group conversations
Also can chat privately with friends and followers
And get suggestions on influential people

5-facebook messenger

It is a chat app that is used to send messages to people
Every time you receive a message from someone
It has a sound alert which helps you rapidly your responses if it is really important
It also allows sending messages to facebook friends
And send text, audio messages


The largest platform in sharing video
Also it is known as the second largest search engine after google
You can create a channel on youtube
It features video management on the go
Also big screen interface with dark mode


When you have amazing ideas for projects, you can pin them on your personal boards
Also you can save posts and upload your ideas
It features finding pins, people and brands
And discover more than 100 billion possibilities in life


It is a professional networking platform
You can use it to seek to search jobs
Probably finding new chance or expand their existing professional network
It features creating a profile and highlight your skillsets
Also can follow interested people or company profiles
And users write articles or share posts





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