Types of social media 

 above all  there are many types of social media , we will talk about six types

such as social review sites and image sharing sites and other.


Types of social media 

1-social networking site

firstly, Most of us have a social media site like a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

This platforms support you to connect with friends and brand

it is a Jill of all trades.

and Users can share thoughts, curate content, upload photos and videos, form groups based on interests, and participate in lively discussions.

They are built around the user, and everything that’s important to them and their social circles.

and Social media for your business

also Ads provided by these platforms reach a possible range

Strong interaction with followers lead to access to similar and potential customers

2-social review sites

Review sites like Yelp and Trip, Advisor display reviews from community members for all sorts of locations and experiences

 also Companies can benefit most from their reviews as the good and the bad.

Reviews are an opportunity to engage with reviewers and solve any potential challenges before they become a huge deal. 

3- Image sharing sites


Visual content effects on the users 

Such as images, infographics, and illustrations capture our hearts, eyes, and imaginations.

Photo sharing sites are a gift for marketing companies, they use a film to attract people to their product.


4- Video hosting sites


 firstly, YouTube revolutionized the way we watch, create, and think about video.

It transformed the medium into something accessible. Recent improvements in tech and connectivity helped video go the rest of the way.

5- Community blogs


Pictures and videos are very well, but sometimes they don’t express everything inside us.

Blogs do the function of expressing all of your messages you want to publish and talk about.

This community blog sites provide an audience while allowing plenty of room for customization and self-expression

6- Discussion sites


 firstly, Each of us has a sharp, strong or good discussion on Facebook

These sites add to personal information or sometimes calm your curiosity, and sometimes support you in knowing new people



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