What are alternative source of energy

Alternative energy is an issue for the last f few decade
And now there are many alternative energy source
The source of energy led to Lower emissions, lower fuel prices and the reduction of pollution

Alternative energy source

We will examine ten of the most alternative energy source and benefits of it


1-Hydrogen Gas

When we use a hydrogen gas ,it will emit water vapor and warm air
Sometimes emissions does not use for availing but it harms cells


2- Tidal Energy

The water is used to generate water Above all,
It’s application is very similar with wind turbines
And it has a enormous potential
Such as united kingdom meet as much as %20 of current electricity demands
The use of tidal stream generators is most common

3- Biomass Energy

When we focus on burning wood ,it will generate similar to central heating system
And maintenance is a difficult in biomoss energy
Also we need to demand permission for a local authority to install one

4-Wind Energy


It provides many benefits more than any alternative energy source
And mind energy installation power works on million homes in USA
And the source of alternative energy is continues to grow
Secondly, there are a dangerous to forms of wildlife


5-Geothermal Power


It related to extract energy from the ground
Also the world bank said that around forty countries could meet most of their power demands
Disadvantages are in the highest costing

6- Natural Gas

It became a source of alternative energy because development is happened in the progression of compression techniques
The potential for contamination is larger than with other alternative energy



Biofuels came from animal and plant life to create energy
And it requires a dedicated machinery for extraction
Also it have used more in USA since 2012


8-wave energy

Firstly, it used in wave energy convertors
It is a similar to a tidal energy
And it has a big benefits in the lack of waste produced


9-Nuclear Power

Firstly, it created a direct benefits related to emissions and efficiency
Also enhancing the economy with plant creations


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