What are the best technologies in 2019 you must to learn it ?

We live in a fast world and in front of us, you must to know best technologies in 2019

Best technologies in 2019

We will talk about some technologies in 2019

Peekerscitech was talked about social media sites and all you need to know about digital marketing


AL and Machine Learning

The definition of Artificial intelligence is machines being able to carry out tasks like the tasks performed by the human
Also app of artificial intelligence is a tools to do computer know how to use available data in order to make a decision
Also there is a lack of tech skill in this field although numbers of people Competent in web, biotech, innovation and transformation
Therefore you need to learn this field with udemy or coursera

Computer vision engineering

Firstly the field develops scripts and applications that
Will help computers to get a high level from videos and images
For example the developers improve scripts that learn computers or robots to identify

Data science

firstly It means obtaining insights and information out of data
Through using a blend of algorithms and machine learning principles
Therefore data scientists are needed in main industries as finance , banking and healthcare
This process helps organizations to make better, data driven decisions

Development (web-software)

Developers work on designing, installing , testing and maintaining appropriate systems for web
Also they need build mobile app for them and help them stream their business processes


We talked about the difference between cybersecurity and information security
also This field became very important for any organization
You have to learn in this field now
Also you will have a chance to secure well paying jobs

Cloud engineering

Cloud engineers are responsible on IT professional
And provide developing solutions
Whether in house technology and outside systems due to design, plan , manage and maintain

Business intelligence analyst

There are many ways to collect data
This character has an experience with database technology, analytics and reporting tools
Also provide data analysis of competitors

Database development

Database developers develop servers using efficient SQL codes
You avoid additional costs by automating design and database development

Amazon web services

This company belongs to amazon.com
Also this service offers on demands computering platforms, database, storage and analytics services
Amazon hiring technical professional around the world




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