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What are the different types of robots?

There are different types of robots and each robot has a unique features
It differs in size, shape and capabilities

Also peekerscitech was talked about android smartphones and Nasa news
and Now we will discuss about types of robots

Types of Robots


firstly It includes all kinds of flying robots
Such as smartbird robotic and the raven surveillance drone
Also there are a robot can run in space as mars rovers and nasa’s robonaut
and This robot plays an important role in aerospace


firstly This robot is used just for fun
and support you with tasks and working
one of the big examples are the robot dog, Aibo and the Roomba vacuum
also there are different of robotic toys and kits

3-Disaster response

This type of robot is very important because of performing dangerous jobs
and It looks for survivors in the emergency time
After tsunami was happened in japan
They used packbots to know damage at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power station


They called unmanned aerial vehicles
and It has different sizes and levels of autonomy
Also they are many examples such as DJ’’s popular phantom and Parrot’s Anafi


Types of robots are aimed to the next generation of robotics
IT is used at home and classrooms
It involves group programmable from lego, 3D printers and teacher robots


These robots are worked to response with emotional
Such as laugh and feel surprise
The important examples for this type is Navi shaman, musically inclined bots


It can be used for enabling a paralyzed patient walk again
Also helping for physical rehabilitation
And it  has industrial or military applications
Finally it gives the wearer increased mobility, endurance and carry heavy loads


This robot are worked with humanoid people
Such as Honda’s Asimo and Germinoid series
And it  designed to look like people


This robot consists of a manipulator arm to work repetitive tasks
Examples for this type amazon’s warehouse robots
And collaborative factory robots


Such as da vinci surgical robot and bionic prostheses
and It designed for health care
Also can do surgeries sounds and there are two fields for developing the medical robots
2-minimally invasive surgery


Such as endeavor robotics and packbot
It  used in afaghanistan to discover explosive devices
Also helping armies in carry heavy gear
Also including security robots


researcher use for many researcher
and There robots do many useful things
Also they can be named research robots

13-self driving cars

firstly It is designed for DARPA’S autonomous vehicle competitions
One of example is Google’s pioneering self driving Toyota prius


firstly The best place for this type of robot is in the water
secondly It includes deep sea submersibles as aquanaut, diving humanoids and ACM-R5H snakebot


It can be able to present at a place without actually going there
Also log on via internet and drive it
It can talk with people and collaborate with colleagues at a distance




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