What is alternative energy

Alternative energy costs reduce past decades

average global temperatures continue to rise year after year so, experts concerned to reduce humanity ‘s reliance on fossil fuels, coal and other

Alternative energy


above all, The concept can refer to different forms of energy

Then the forms of energy supports reducing humanity’s carbon footprints

Also, including nuclear facilities, hydroelectric power, and even things like natural gas and “clean coal

Also, using for non-traditional methods of energy such as solar energy, biomass, and other recent additions

and Alternative energy are always clean and cheap

Therefore, it does not produce harmful pollutant

And the concept uses to the forms of energy instead of coals and fossil fuels


 Types of Alternative Energy



firstly, Hydroelectric dams generates hydroelectricity.

And falling water are channelled through an apparatus to spin turbines

Nuclear Power

firstly, Slow fission reaction refers to produce energy

And heat water to generate steam

Solar Power

firstly, It converts the sun’s rays into electrical energy firstly,

And Solar thermal power is heated producing by sunshine is harnessed to produce electricity

now there are many cars depend on it such as Tesla cybertruck 

Wind Power

It repairs a large turbine with generates electricity

Geothermal Power

It produced from heat and steam

It works in pipes being placed in the ground above geologically active zones

Then referring to channel steam through turbines and produces electricity

Tidal Power

generating electricity comes from tides causes water to flow back


firstly, Kinds of fuels that sniff from plants and biological sources.

Such as glucose, algae, fungi, bacteria



firstly, It breaks apart and reunited by electrolysis; hydrogen.

the gas is used to power internal combustion engines or heated and used to spin turbines


Alternative and Renewable Energy

Kinds of alternative energy depend on the same source

Such as nuclear power relies on uranium

The wind, solar, tidal, geothermal and hydroelectric power depend on sources that are entirely renewable

Finally, there are many types of power but better energy is renewable

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