What is an android market and How to Install Incompatible Apps from it ?


Android market is a free shopping app will find in android device
Features of android market are Speed in taking advantage of the applications and games market
You can evaluate the movie and books
Also there are updates in an android market for increasing fast and easier content browsing
There are best android games in play store ,you can to install too

Android market

Android Market also provides quick previews to learn more about the app
You can directly publish any comments you want in the applications you have downloaded or purchased

there are a  topic about how to download  google play store for android platform

peekerscitech presents many article about google play store ,you can read it 

How to Install Incompatible Apps from the Android Market?

There are many apps in android market but some of apps incompatible with some handset models.
These applications cause frustration for some users because they can not experience applications
There’s a new way a user has discovered to allow apps to be downloaded and installed on your phone

You only need to do is tweak some file on your smartphones
Then , This can get a little technical, but it’s a simple procedure that almost anyone can follow

For using the said method :
1-A rooted Android device
2-file manager app such as ES File Manage or Root Explorer

The steps :

1-On your Android phone, Go to Settings > Applications > All > Market and select “Clear Data

2-then Open your file manager app

3- navigate to Settings > Root Settings and enable “Root Explorer”

4-select and and open the file “build.prop” in the system folder

5-create a backup of build prop

6-you can copy this file and save it in the folder

7-go to the original build prop then open and edit it

8-select “ro.product.model” and “ro.product.manufacturer” and make the following changes

9-After typing in the necessary changes, save the file

10- now Go to android Market and try downloading the app

There are some special cases that applications do not run after installationوThis is to keep your luck


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