What is Digital Marketing?


Direct marketing has become a place only in a few areas today is our future with Digital marketing, which is considered the strongest marketing for any product

above all, Evolution Of Digital Platforms and . This year it has reached 3.88 billion no. of users. Back in 1995,
when the internet was initially getting popular there were only 0.4% of the world’s population that was using the internet.

Digital marketing

firstly, It is a way to communicate with customers and influence them but online
Such as E-mail and advertising pay-per-click marketing social media in all social networking sites.
and All this helps people inside companies and convince them to buy your product


Digital Marketing Assets

above all, Anything that can be a digital marketing asset when used online such as
1-Video content
3-Written content
5-Social media pages

Digital Marketing Strategies

1-Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You can pay for each user who clicks on the ad and  also called paid search ads

2-Paid Search Advertising
firstly, Google and Yahoo gives you the opportunity to run text ads on search engine results pages
and This is the best way to target customers who are looking for a product or service

3-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
firstly, You can use the search engine to try to order pages and  blog posts
Also, you are not required to pay directly for each click

4-Paid Social Media Advertising
firstly, This method is free to shop through social media to succeed in your business
and You can create a member who does business via social media
In order to ensure the success of your business and your product

5-Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Companies often use this method to get more conversions from leads, conversations, calls and sales through existing traffic on the site

6-Content Marketing
also, Any digital marketing uses content assets as a blog, publications, graphs and videos
In order to  the brand to appear as desired by its owners and more clicks, sales and potential customers

7-Native Advertising
Most local ads use content marketing to attract clicks and are considered very difficult because they are mixed with the recommendations of the unpaid content

8-Email Marketing
It is the oldest form of marketing and  used by most digital marketers to highlight content or promote an event

9-Affiliate Marketing
it is at the core of paying someone else to promote the product and

Finally, There are many ways to market your business online and  a major reason why your company is hiring a marketing management agency or paying for marketing


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