what is Social media marketing? discover it

The strategy is the main component of social media marketing.

Strategy and plans help you for publishing within the near way and putting social media marketing.

social media marketing focuses on the strategy.


Social media marketing


How to create a social media strategy?


Firstly, It’s interesting to note that a social media plan, strategy and a social media marketing plan has a lot of crossovers

The strategy is a way to create your social media marketing.

You have to concern on the strategy and ask yourself five questions.

In order to support you for creating your strategy.

1-Why does your business want to be on social media?


1-You need to have goals in order to compete

2- your product promotion or increase traffic on the site depends on marketing.

3-The most important goals increase brand awareness.

Also, you can create a new lead.
The company provides social customer service.

the steps 

You increase mentions in the press

You grow revenue (by increasing sign-ups or sales).

The company listens to conversations about your brand.

Focusing on the simple goals help you to execute.


2-. Who is your target audience?


Your target audience will help you for answering the following questions as what, where, when.

There are many ways to build marketing persons.

First questions are :

Who are they (age, gender and salary and more)?

And the second question :

What are they interested in that you can provide?

 the most question is :

And the third question is :

Where do they usually hang out online?

Also, the last question is :

When do they look for the types of content you can provide?

You can share your target audience with your team or use for your future reference.

3- What are you going to share?


firstly, They are many kinds of contents to share.

Such as images, texts, and videos, and other.

In the other hands, you can focus on the character of your audience.After that, you can ask two question.

1- firstly, what goals and challenges do they have?

2- secondly, how can you have solved them?

4- Where are you going share?


firstly, The most important step is to determine the place for sharing.

and Any of the social media will choose from it.

You do not have to be on every social media platforms even do not make the mistake


finally, Social Media Marketing هis the basic of social media.

and you can reach the best results with strong marketing.





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