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What is the different between PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Lite ?

PUBG Mobile Lite is different in the space and numbers of players

It is a game for all different categories

Peekerscitech was talked about   how to play PUBG Mobile?
Now we will discuss the difference between it

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile has a famous in the android smartphones gaming industry
The first difference between the two games is in space
PUBG Mobile needs a minimum of 2GB RAM
But PUBG Mobile Lite requires less space and designed to run on devices with limited RAM

1-Number of Players

it  features 100 players but PUBG Mobile Lite involves only 40 players
Therefore it helps player for wining faster
And give them more active

2-Map size

PUBG Mobile has all the maps such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and the brand new PUBG Map Vikendi
But  Lite gives a new 2km *2km map
It helps you for reducing the resource consumption
With providing faster paced PUBG action


PUBG  Lite It is characterized by working with medium and low-voltage devices
It is a game for those with limited possibilities and space in their phone
Few graphics are inside the game
It works on the google play store but PUBG mobile is available for IOS and android devices

PUBG Mobile is a combat game and play using different weapons at different levels
Here are tips for playing well
Avoid the red zone and also the blue zone if you are a beginner
You have to wait sometimes without a fighter to see other players and around you
Do not rush to fight
Flying game you have excitement and fun and you play alone or with a large team
You can communicate with your friends in play plans and public communication
You have to learn to use weapons in a timely manner and learn the right time to fight
This game reaches you to addict it
Feel free to download the game and enjoy its features





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