what you need to know about latest facebook updates?

latest facebook updates are the strongest in this year
Facebook is always fast in its own updates and is thus becoming the number one social media site

Now I will take a look at the most important updates

latest facebook updates

1-Facebook Adds Inventory Filter

Facebook introduced a new inventory filter and it has the ability to control where the ad appears and the content it links to.
It is designed to protect commercials
Also you can protect your account from hacking by some steps

peekerscitech talked about information security and benefits of it
It works by excluding your content from moderate content as a limited resource.
The result is to protect your brand
Although it reduces access costs, it can test standard inventory and exclude full inventory
If you want to control the content of your brand it is a good opportunity to increase protection and speed

2-Problematic content

Facebook faces problems of transparency from every direction and spreads false news around it
they’ve recently announced that they’ll be working to clean up users’ feeds by attempting to promote higher quality, trustworthy news organizations while halting
They announced that they would remove the content that does not comply with their policy until they release the quality control feature and group feature
Also, the reach of groups that share false information will be reduced
Repeatedly add indicators with confidence to the buttons of the brief statement

3- 3D Photos Features Released

In the past time Facebook created three-dimensional images.
Now you can share the three-dimensional images in stories
This will give you new access and you can load it on your web or smart phone and pick it up faster
Facebook says about how to download these images
“You’ll need two (2) files for this to work: an image and a depth map, either in .png or .jpg format.
File names matter! Make sure the depth map has _depth appended to the file name. For example: myImage.png + myImage_depth.png would be what your two files might be named to use this flow.
While the aspect ratio of your depth map and your image must match, they don’t need to be the same resolution.
As shown below, to create a 3D photo from the web, drag an image and its depth map and drop them into the composer”
Although it is a difficult process, the new download features will speed things up and for marketers using 3D images will become easier

4- Quality ranking

This will tell you the remarkable quality of your advertisement compared to the target and the audience you want to reach and it is considered a comparative measure

5- Engagement rate ranking

Facebook will tell you the expected rate of participation compared to your ad and target audience

6- Conversion rate ranking

It looks at the expected conversion rate compared to ads that are targeting the same optimization goal and audience.
Although the scale will be more follow-up, it will provide
more feedback to advertisers to improve their campaigns

7- Showcase for Premium Ad Program Announced

Facebook Showcase,” which is a new premium ad program. Online video and even TV ad buyers
It will include the following ad types such as in-stream reserve,in-stream reserve categories and sponsorships


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