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Whatsapp account and tricks should use it


Whatsapp account is an important chat around the world
Now we will discuss in this topics about WhatsApp account and tricks to use it professionally

also, peekerscitech was talked about facebook account 

Whatsapp account

Pin an important chat

Whatsapp account

Typing names of necessary individuals within the
search bar or scrolling right down to get to their chat
history would possibly get time intense and
monotonous anytime you would like to converse.

WhatsApp permits you to pin chats of 3 contacts on

the highest. Swipe a conversation to the correct and
faucet on the pin icon to urge it to the highest (iOS)
or hold a conversation and faucet the pin button
once chosen (Android).

Read messages without letting the sender know

You can prevent the blue tick from appearing on the messages you have read, put your phone on flight mode and open Whatsapp to read the messages
Then close the app after reading and delete it from your multi-window. After that disable the airplane mode and the chat will appear unread

Whatsapp account

Mark chats as unread

If you read a message but are unable to immediately reply. This will serve as a reminder for later.
On the other hands, on IOS swipe the chat to the right and press on the unread icon.
On android tap and hold the conversation that you desire to mark unread

Whatsapp account

Turn off last seen

Whatsapp account gives you to watch the last activity time of your contacts on the app and vice versa
You can protect your privacy and not let people know when you last checked your Whatsapp messages by turning off that option.
Go to setting, select account and press on privacy to choose a suitable option for yourself under last seen

Whatsapp account

Read and send messages without touching the phone

Virtual assistants like siri and google assistant support you read messages without typing or touching your phone

Stop media from being automatically downloaded

Whatsapp account

Would you want forwarded pictures and videos to be saved to your gallery automatically, that reduces space in your phone and may lower processing speeds
Press on settings then chats and turn off the save to camera roll option in IOS or show media in the gallery in android
There are more options to change preferences in media download for individual chats.
Firstly, open a specific chat and press on the name of the contact or group at the top
Open ( save to camera roll ) option IOS or media visibility and choose from setting suitable to you

Add emotions to your pictures

Whatsapp account gives you to change in your pictures by adding doodles, text and emotions to it.
Press on the attach option and then go to the gallery, choose the image to be shared and it will open in a photo editor

Whatsapp account

Delete accidentally sent messages

Messages that are accidentally sent can be deleted from the receiver’s inbox as well.
Select the message and press on the option delete for everyone

Change of the text language

In order to change the language, go to settings and select chats, then press on app language and choose the one you desire

Whatsapp account

Change font

This feature gives you to format the text and switch the plain font to italics or bold
Begins and end the text with an asterisk to make it bold: similarly, start and end it with an underscore to make it appear italicized, a tilde in the beginning and end will make a strikethrough appear on the text

Discover who you talk to the most



Whatsapp account

There are many lists of friends that you chat with on a regular basis, but you can switch with the most.
You can discover that that contact uses the maximum storage
Firstly, open setting and go to data and storage usage
Press on storage and select the contact
You will be able to see how much storage has been used by each contact

Change wallpaper

You can change the wallpaper easily, choosing the picture from the wallpaper library, phone gallery or select a solid colour

Bookmark message

These features are very important in a chat that you would want to bookmark.
Whatsapp gives you to do that by starring these messages
Open the specific message in a chat, hold down the message and press star

Add dates to your calendar

In IOS, press and hold a date mentioned in a chat to create the event. This will automatically add the event in your calendar from your message

What’sapp account

How to Create a Whatsapp account?

-after you download the application on your android smartphones open the Whatsapp
-accept terms and conditions
-choose the country of location
-type your phone number
-he expected the verification for your account activation code
-type your user name and accepts the contacts in your phonebook

WhatsApp for PC

As all versions perform a number of interesting tools that go beyond the text messaging
Such as in the settings menu you are going to account and then network usage

And you will see the number of messages you have sent and that have also received the bytes multimedia that you used and received
How to delete Whatsapp account

Firstly, click ”setting” go to the account section now
Secondly, delete my account and enter your complete mobile number
Thirdly, tap again ( delete my account) on the bottom of the screen
Your Whatsapp will delete from your android smartphone

How to block a contact on Whatsapp




1-open the Whatsapp app on your phone
2-press the menu icon
3-go to setting, account, privacy, choose blocked contacts
4-press the add contact icon-a small icon the shape of a person with a plus sign on the left
5-a list will appear, choose the contact you desire to block


1-open the Whatsapp on your android smartphones
2-if you have a chat open, a movement to the main chat’s screen
3-select the setting icon at the bottom right of the screen, account, then privacy and blocked
4-press add new and choose the contact you desire to block

How to block an unknown number on WhatsApp

-open the message from the unknown contact
-Press the menu icon ⁝, then block


1-open the message from the unknown contact
2-tap the unknown number at the top of the screen
3-choose block




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