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Whatsapp account breaks expectations in update 2019


Whatsapp account provides you with the best update in each year

now we will talk about an update of Whatsapp in 2019

Whatsapp account

Whatsapp pay

Since the February 2018 year, WhatsApp Pay has been
tested in an Asian country with over a meg user.
this is often over now! WhatsApp is getting into the
Indian market and once the authorities offer the go-
ahead, WhatsApp can enter the digital payments
market, that is anticipated to possess a volume of
over $1 trillion by 2023. thus it’s clear why there’s
most competition. Solutions like PayTm, that is
presently the most important supplier, Google Pay,
that is presently gaining market share quite quickly,
Samsung Pay, Mobikwik, PhonePe, Freecharge,
Citrus and shortly WeChat Pay (WeChat is concerned
within the Indian traveller Hike) contend for users.

Dark mode, touch ID& Co-5 features that Whatsapp will roll out soon
According to business today, the following 5 features will be rolled out soon
It is currently still unknown, whether this applies to both IOS and when exactly the features will be rolled out

1-Dark mode

Whatsapp account

We have seen it in several alternative apps like
Facebook courier, Gmail or Google Chrome.
By the way: if you’ve got a Mac/MacBook
professional with macOS ten.14 Mojave, you’ll be
able to additionally switch to dark mode. The dar
k mode has 2 decisive benefits for the user: it’s
sensible for the eyes, particularly within the evening
and at nighttime, and it’s energy-saving for the
device. WhatsApp users have long been waiting dark
mode. However, currently, we are able to have even
hopes. By the way: in step with WABetainfo,
WhatsApp calls their dark mode Night Mode

2-QR code

Whatsapp account

The messaging app weChat, that is widespread in China, has been responding on GR codes for a long time
This was only available to begin the web version via scan
Whatsapp desires to make it easier for users to add new contacts

3-Touch ID for android

Whatsapp account raises the security standard for the user with offering the fingerprint, identification for android. According to business today, the update makes third party providers superfluous who offer exactly the locking of an app

4-sort contacts by number of interactions

the new feature will count your contacts according to the frequency of your interaction with them
Contacts with whom you have no exchange will slide down

5-function to share your status updates to other apps

Whatsapp introduces sharing function status updates to other apps

Whatsapp account

it  starts a rollout for its beta testers that have already been predicted for some time
Whatsapp beta testers can share their status to the stories features on instagram, facebook account or snapchat in other apps via IOS and android
The exciting thing about it is that is not, as many observers suspect, an automatic sharing process but an active decision of the user
Even if a status posting shared with other facebook services such as Instagram or facebook,
Facebook account technically regards both postings as two different updates that are not linked
Also, for beta testers a feature is currently being worked on, that can hide already muted status updates of contacts

Whatsapp account

No more sending pictures to the wrong contact

Whatsapp account

A new feature will confirm that no more images sent to the wrong contact
(Whatsapp beta user) update, the recipient’s name displayed when it is writing a caption
Even though some might consider this trailing because you already are in the personal chat, it is still a relevant update to further strengthen user control over the content

Ads on Whatsapp ( available in stories from 2020 )

It has been legendary since last year that WhatsApp
plans to play ads on its Stories feature (Status).
it absolutely was expected to be launched in 2019 and currently, it’s been proclaimed at the Facebook
promoting Summit in metropolis that the standing
ads can are available in 2020. In WhatsApp Business,
we tend to learn that the news formats are going to be even additional enriched.
this implies that corporations that send pictures or
PDFs in a very message within the future will be
ready to add their own comments. additionally,
the WhatsApp Business product catalogue proclaimed
at this year’s f8 are going to be integrated into the
Facebook product catalogue.




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