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WhatsApp dark mode for android discover it

WhatsApp dark mode is the new feature that helps you to see the display with a different vision
also, WhatsApp dark mode works whether on IOS or android
now we will talk about WhatsApp dark mode for android

WhatsApp dark mode


There could also be several different Black themes on the market for Xiaomi smartphones, however, it’s the one that I’m presently exploitation, and it doesn’t suck.
If you’re not a Xiaomi smartphone user, or for a few reasons,

you are doing not need to use a black theme, then the opposite approach would be to put in Whatsapp and or WhatsApp GB, that already supports Themes.

Also, you can use a dark wallpaper in WhatsApp chats since WhatsApp gives you to upload custom wallpapers

There are many apps in the google play store with black wallpapers, you can simply do a google image search

What are the uses of a dark mode?

WhatsApp dark mode

It is significantly helpful if you employ your smartphone in the dark so the sunshine of your android smartphone doesn’t mirror and have an effect on your eyes.
Other than that, if you own a smartphone that has an associate

degree OLED or AMOLED screen, employing a black theme would additionally mean that you just are the protective battery.

All the lights in OLED and AMOLED Screens, for all the black areas, are turned off, that isn’t the case with an associate degree

liquid crystal display screen.

Moreover, AMOLED or OLED screens area unit typically seen in flagship smartphones.

If your smartphone isn’t associate degree OLED screen, you’ll be able to still realize the Dark Mode helpful. it’ll provide a minimalistic approach and can not cause strain in your eyes.
We have recently shared another simple workaround at mistreatment Dark Mode in WhatsApp at once.

Also, there are many apps like the clone app, which now only to clone any app on your android smartphones to run the second version of that app, but also provides a dark and golden version of WhatsApp
It is by far the easiest way to use dark mode or night mode on WhatsApp account

Some other features in 2019


1-touch ID and Face ID

This security feature will avoid any third-party from reading your messages
It can be enabled in your privacy settings to use touch ID or Face ID to unlock the app

WhatsApp dark mode

2-limiting frequent forwards

Forwarded messages, often including unverified information, hit a lot of users on WhatsApp
Actually, fake news is one of the biggest issues faced by WhatsApp users India
According to livemint, users will able to see how many times a message has been forwarded

3-hide status

Users can specialize viewership of their status by pressing the hide button above the muted update section

4-new web and desktop features


WhatsApp dark mode

These features from the quick replies that are frequent messages to answer common questions, to manage contacts and chats and chat list filtering that enable the user to organize chats under various filters like unread messages, broadcast lists and groups




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