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Whatsapp dark mode for IOS

WhatsApp dark mode is one of the latest updates in WhatsApp account
now we will show you WhatsApp dark mode for IOS

WhatsApp dark mode

peekerscitech was also talked about whatsapp account and how to hack it?

but, Users have demanded a Dark Mode for WhatsApp account for an extended time currently. The feature has been seen in a number of the older beta versions too. The feature remains reportedly underneath development, WhatsApp account has disclosed that it’s obtaining nearer to emotional within the stable version

of the electronic messaging application. it will

go along with dark text bubbles too.

whatsapp account 

start by choosing setting lab from the WhatsApp account  button bar

then tap chats, wallpaper and solid colours
after that scroll down the solid colours option and select

any dark colour followed by tapping set to apply wallpaper to the chat screen
also, users have the option of using a specialized dark picture simply by saving it to the camera roll and choosing from the photos option from the chat wallpaper page

the history of dark mode

above all, iphone’s system 7 OS in 1991 was one of the early operating systems to provide a darker alternative for display
also, windows 95 shared a high contrast toggle, effectively doing the same
in 2001 windows XP appeared and went one further by featuring multiple high contrast themes and the option to change the colour of the user interface
fast forward a few years and dark mode is an increasingly popular option, with youtube and apple’s mac OS 10.14 Mojave among those following the trend

how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on IOS?

Firstly, go to setting> general> accessibility > display accommodations > invert colours > smart invert
Secondly, you have now enabled a dark theme across all the apps in the device
Thirdly, same as android, you will have to select dark or no wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads. Go to WhatsApp account setting > wallpaper > none




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