Whatsapp update: offer three features to your android smartphones


Whatsapp update Spread this year to announce new features
The whole world uses the Whatsapp whether chatting or photos
This platform is different from any social media site

There are always social media  plans in every types of social media 

We always wait for the new of it

Whatsapp update


1-blocked screenshots

This feature increases authentication
You are required to scan fingerprint the user until the application is opened
also This tool is useful for preventing screenshots
There is an alert that chat screen shots will be blocked
If the application is used for fingerprinting
You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls

2- New emojis for Doodle UI


WhatsApp’s Doodle UI is very famous and useful because it gives users to edit photos by adding emojis and drawing on them for instance
Although this feature is different from any other social networking site, hat is because the icons present in Doodle UI were different to the characters within chats themselves
The whatsapp is adding a new one in Doodle UI

and These updates make the Whatsapp more consistent with each other


3- Animated stickers


Animation is a way of expressing what you feel, but it is hard for you to translate it
These animated stickers are very similar to the stickers in the facebook messenger
Whatsapp company will include the animated stickers and regular sticker in one app It has not yet been launched


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