Now you can run WhatsApp without SIM card number on two devices with one number

Whatsapp is one of the most famous Chat and Messenger programs ever used by more than one billion users around the world and is preferred for any other talk program like Cake Messenger or Facebook Messenger is a free application available for download for all types of phones easily through the phone store Be it Android, iPhone or iPad.

Although messenger is famous around the world , Sometimes it faults  and drops 

Many users are looking for ways to run WhatsApp without SIM card number on two devices with one number or use two numbers and connect to the same device.

WhatsApp without SIM card number


The method of running WhatsApp without SIM card number on two devices with one number

Now you have two phones, one of which installed Whatsapp and confirmed by the SIM card and you want to run the application on the other phone no matter what type, whether Android or iPhone or even Windows Phone, we will use the feature provided by the latest version of WhatsApp called Web WhatsApp  where you can The property of running WhatsApp without SIM card number on more than one device with the same number.

Steps to run whatsapp without SIM card number on two phones at the same time

  • At first I went to the phone that has the WattsApp application running
  • From the top menu of the program choose WhatsApp Web will open the camera or a more accurate barcode scanner
  • Bring the second phone and open the Internet browser
  • Go to the address (
  • A page will open with a barcode to scan it with the phone camera on which the program located
  • Once this step implemented, you will be able to run Whatwsapp on two mobile phones with the same number

How to run more than Whatsapp on the same phone easily

One Whatsapp account may not be enough for some users. Some of them use a way to make them run two Whatsapp accounts on the same device or more. These are very easy ways to download one of the modified Whatsapp programs that allows you to use two whatsapp accounts on the same phone. The most popular of this program is the famous Whatsapp Plus application and Ogi Whatsapp application. These programs offer great additional features that allow you to modify the program itself or not to appear and great features you will discover yourself.

How to run Whatsapp using a phantom number or Whatsapp without a number

This method is based on programs linked to servers that generate telephone numbers from different countries such as America, France and England and use it on your Android phone through a small application All you have to do is download that application and then register your data, which is your name and email so that the program generate a number Randomly selected from any country you choose and you enter the program Whatsapp naturally to receive the code and the most popular and most effective programs is Next Plus and Txt Plus, which are free applications do not require any kind of costs.

finally,After downloading the software you will enter as shown in the pictures and fill in the data to get a default phone number that you use for all your calls, sending short text messages and so on.


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