Why is my internet so slow?


There are many reasons for the internet to break down and make it very slow
My internet so slow for many reason
For example, sometimes the problem is in the circuit, the signal for Wi-fi or the power signal on the cable line and others

We can not win without Internet. There are powerful ways to help you make a living online
We will now talk about steps to fix any problem or slow down the Internet.

My internet so slow


Firstly, Check Your Speed and Compare It to Your Plan

Before any you should use speedtest.net To find out the actual performance of the Internet, you must make sure that you stop any downloads

You have to compare the expected speed as you pay as quickly as it comes to you

Sometimes the speed of your connection will be naturally low depending on the minimum speed of a given
There is heavy traffic on the Internet at certain times depending on the work and the times of sleep. In this case you need to contact your Internet service provider

Secondly, Reboot Your Modem and Router

Reboot resolves a slow internet problem and redirects your modem.
If you have a modem module and a built-in router, you need to restart one device
There are good opportunities to restart two pieces such as a router and modem.
The router then connects to the modem connected to the outside of the wall
The modem takes minutes to reconnect to the Internet

Although the internet is slow before running, speed will improve after rebooting

Thirdly, Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

It is likely that you have problems referring to the Internet because your Wi-Fi is the reason why the Internet is slow
In this case your problem is with the WiFi
It also affects the other devices in your home

The airwaves could be congested with too many devices nearby, especially if you’re using 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz, which can support a lot more devices
You may have an area where Wi-Fi is not very well connected, and you should be happy to speed up the Wi-Fi network itself

If you have a home and a large outdoor yard you need a Wi-Fi station for providing Multiple base stations

Fourthly, Check for Coax Splitters

you have coaxial cable splitters on the line going to your cable modem, these could be degrading your signal strength and leading to slower Internet connection
In many times the cheap cable is better than the most expensive and the most quality.
There are splits on the cable line that you must disconnect to discover the causes of your communication errors and how to fix them

Fifthly, Call Your ISP and Report the Problem

If you do all the previous steps and do not find a radical solution you can solve your problem.
There is an opportunity to contact the Internet provider. There may be a problem with the cable line running from your home to your Internet service provider

You pay for an ISP to provide a stable connection


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