Wifi SSID broadcast OR keep it hidden


Wifi SSID is easily the technical word. When you set up a wireless home network.

You should deliver it a name to detemine it other networks in your neighbourhood .

You’ll watch this name when you connect computer to your wireless network.

SSID are situated on a label that’s either on the bottom.

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What is Wifi SSID?

The possibility of a SSID is to tell you which systems are accessible and at what quality they are at. This tells you what system to interface with, either the one with the most grounded signal or the one that permits free. In case you’re at home, you will clearly associate with that one. Outside, signal quality is everything when managing open systems.

Your Wi-Fi switch will communicate the SSID intermittently alongside the channel being utilized and the security type. The SSID isn’t carefully essential for remote gadgets to have the option to interface with the system yet is transmitted at any rate.

broadcast Wifi SSID OR keep it hidden

Your Wi-Fi router  advertises the SSID in the signal. In any case, the SSID and system data is additionally contained inside the information parcels so the switch realizes where to send them when transmitted. So, stopping the SSID transmission doesn’t stop transmission of your system information as the switch needs it to convey traffic between device.

Any hacker with a straightforward system sniffing apparatus can discover your SSID in seconds regardless of whether you are not communicating it. Free devices, for example, Aircrack, Netstumbler, Kismet and various others will rapidly discover the SSID, channel, security convention and other data.

By hiding your SSID, you are making organizing increasingly hard for yourself while not adding any greater security to your system.


How to hide your router’s SSID?


Firstly, go to from a any browser, then, enter (admin) into the user name and password to sing up to your router.

Secondly, choose wireless and go to ( basic wireless setting) from the menus.

You should to set )SSID Broadcast) to disabled, do this for both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz configurations).

Thirdly, press (save setting) to hide your SSID.


Firstly, go from a browser. Add (admin) into the user name and password to sign up.

Secondly, choose wireless setting from under advanced in the left pane and uncheck “enable SSID Broadcast”

Thirdly, press (apply) to save your changes.


Firstly, go from a browser and choose (admin) from the user name (drop-down menu, leave the password field blank and press (log in).

Secondly. Choose( setup) then, (wireless setting) from the menus, then press ( manual wireless network setup).

Thirdly, change (visibility status) to (invisible) or check (enable hidden wireless) and then press (save settings) to hide the SSID.


Firstly, open “” from a browser. Press (login) leave the password field blank and press (submit).

Secondly, choose (Channel and SSID) from under wireless in the left pane and then clear the (Broadcast SSID) checkbox.

Thirdly, press ( apply changes) to avoid the Belkin from displaying the SSID.

Hidden Wifi SSID
Hidden Wifi SSID

Hidden Wifi SSID in simple steps:

Since you realize how straightforward it truly is for individuals to discover your ID, wouldn’t you rather utilize the default organizing arrangements where you can without much of a stretch select the system from a rundown? Why experience all the means required to associate with a shrouded arrange?

For example, on your Windows 7 box, you’ll need to go to Network and Sharing Center – > Manage Wireless Networks – > Add – > Manually Create a system profile to find a good pace where you can begin entering all the subtleties for the concealed system. For a system that is communicating, you should simply click twice.

How to improve Wifi security?

Let’s talk about three ways to secure your wireless network:

-Apply WPA 2 encryption.

-Use a strong network key.

-transform the username and password on your Wifi router.



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